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The Highest Quality CV Writing Service

*  Professionally written CV (quality guaranteed or payment refunded).
*  Cover letter(s) for advertised, agency and speculative jobs.
*  Fully proofread before final delivery.
*  Photograph on front page (optional).
*  All future advice and any minor CV updates are free by email.

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CV Plus: Marketing Yourself Online:

After I have delivered your professional CV (as listed above), I can optimise and post your CV online for employers and recruiters to find and download. 

Your CV can be found online: recruiters and employers now search for CVs online to source and hire people. Your CV can be made available to be found and downloaded as it will be optimised for keyword searches with a developed LinkedIn Profile.

* Your CV will be trusted:  by having your CV published online, readers will trust your CV as it will be in the "Public Domain". You will achieve transparency, this will demonstrate a high level of integrity to employers and recruiters regarding your CV's content.

*  You do not have to be seeking a new job to market yourself online.

*  You can be opportunist in the job market.

*  You can tell interviewers that you are transparent at interview.

*  Future, minor CV updates and advice is free.

Please make a payment below, then email me your existing CV and, or complete my online CV questionnaire. If you have any questions telephone  0191 2514000 or email me



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Bypass the banking system - I am now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Please email me for details (discount applies)

Sales Executive, Sales Management, Retail, Marketing, Directorship.
Project Management, Technical, Finance, Production  Business etc.
Download Medical CV templates: Doctors, Carers, Midwifes, Community,
Primary Care, etc.
Primary, secondary school teachers, college and university, tutors, trainers and professors etc.
IT Consultancy, Cisco, Software, Database, Web Design, IT Systems Support.

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I assure you the highest quality CV writing service.