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Download fully worded and targeted business CV templates (and executive biographies), suitable for a range of appointments from MBA, Business Management and Development, Business Consultancy, Directorships, Sales, Purchasing, Project Management and many more.

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About the Business CV:  We have all heard the analogy "job searching is like marketing and selling a product - with you as the product. This outlook suggests that the best way to market yourself is by going through the sales process. In some job search situations, a professionally written biography can be more effective and work better than a conventional Executive CV. It can also serve as a useful supplement to other self-marketing materials you may have. For example, a well written biography (bio) is a powerful business and self-marketing tool if you are developing a consulting practice, and marketing yourself as a provider a professional service and thereby being considered for a vacancy on a board of directors or as a leader of a professional association.


"The Bio" can also add credibility to any business proposal, requests for funding or solicitation for an investment.
Biographies look different to Executive CVs. Their value comes partly from sending the impressions that is not a conventional CV and should be read differently.

Here's a link for further Bio Writing Information.


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Remember, you must create an impact!  A sure way to get a your CV to create greatest impression on the reader is to have it professionally written. You must communicate your achievements in the best possible light. A professional CV writer (+me) will have the expertise to draw the reader's attention to the significant contribution that you can make. Alternatively, if you choose to write your own CV and cover letter I highly recommend downloading the editable CV templates above.