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Graduate CVs

Download expertly written, editable graduate CV templates below. They include CVs for business, construction, technical, legal, arts, financial, IT, languages, mathematics, MA, MSc, and many more.. These CV templates will considerably help you through the process of writing your own CV.

Fully worded, editable and targeted, MS Word
Graduate CV Templates

(Download over 40 editable CV templates)

  • Download over 40 professionally written, fully worded (MS Word) and targeted, Graduate CV templates.

  • Covers business, construction, technical, legal, arts financial IT, languages, MA, MSc and  many more.

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  • Easily use these Graduate CVs and cover letter templates to effectively market yourself.

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About Graduate CV Writing and Templates.


Pay attention to the targeting of your CV as well as the presentation.  Write an attractive CV with evidence of any other appropriate skills and experience you may have for the vacancy or job area in which you are applying. For example mention extra curricular activities, subject choices, project work, a relevant thesis, interests or hobbies. Demonstrate a practical application of any subject studied, such as any project work or work experience, maybe on work placement.  Have a look at the examples of Graduates' CVs above.





Avoid jargon, acronyms and abbreviations unless you know that they are they are widely used within your job target. Use the "3rd person". 'I's are assumed, i.e. use 'Captained the college football team' rather than 'I captained the college football team.

You can enhance your Graduate CV by using bullet points rather than large paragraphs of text, they are far easier to read and create impact. 

List any computer skills you may have on your CV such as software applications that you have used, state any programming experience or any hardware installation experience you may have gained. More about Graduate CVs

Recommended: The best CV format to present are the Graduate CV templates downloadable above.