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Hospitality and Leisure CVs

Download expertly written, editable hospitality CV templates, including Bar, Pub and Club Management, Restaurant and Hotel Management, Catering and Chefs' CVs and many more. Simply download the CV templates below, (I will also email them to you, usually within 1 working hour). They will significantly help you write an excellent CV.

Fully worded, editable and targeted, MS Word
Hospitality CV Templates

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  • Download over 30 professionally written, fully worded (MS Word) and targeted, hospitality management CV templates.

  • Covers Leisure, Bar, Pub and Club management, Restaurant and Hotel management, Catering, and Chefs' CVs and many more.

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Recommended:  The best CV format to present is the Universal Hospitality CV format. This CV format can also include any management career functions and is the best one to use if you are writing your own CV.

In sales including hospitality and leisure, it is not the features that are purchased, it is the benefits of the service being sold or offered. When searching for job, the same applies - may be an accomplished in your profession, but this is not why you are going to be hired. You will be employed because you possess the skills (features) the employer requires and you will be able to make a contribution (benefit), to the company. The "benefits" you will deliver is the reason you will be employed. When thinking about your hospitality or leisure career achievements and when writing your CV, you should ask yourself the question '"who benefited from my work and how'?" Thereafter, when talking about yourself at interview, or when writing your CV or Career Statement this can become "benefit laden". In the right hand column your will find some free hospitality CV template examples.
I strongly recommend seeking professional CV writing help. A professional CV writer will have the expertise to target your CV to any specific job or job area. 
CV Tips:
Write a career statement, here's an example:
Possessing a wealth of experience within Hospitality: Public House and Hotel Management and a proven ability in achieving company targets and developing new and repeat business. Believing that good team leadership and a hands-on approach brings increased standards and profits whilst maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and a high quality of food, drink and entertainment. Running aspects of the business whilst adhering to the laws which govern the operation of licensed premises. Now looking for a similar management position within the Leisure Industry will consider general High Street Retail Sales.

You can enhance your Hospitality CV's readability by using bullet points rather than large paragraphs of text, they are much easier to read and create more impact.