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Bodyguard, CP police, law CV templates by Mike Kelley (CV Writer since 1989)

"Secure your next position with a perfect CV and cover letter, guaranteed!" Download a range of Police, Lawyers, and Security CVs templates below.  I will also email them to you. Mike Kelley, telephone UK (0)191 2514000.

Law, Security CV Templates

Download expertly written, editable Police, Law and Security CV templates. They include the Police Service, Close Protection, Security Consultancy, Law, Solicitors' CVs with many management career functions. Simply download the CV templates below. I will also email them to you usually within 1 working hour. They will significantly help you write an excellent CV for the law or security industry.

Fully worded, editable and targeted, MS Word
Law & Security CV Templates

(Download over 30 editable CV templates)

  • Download over 30 professionally written, fully worded (MS Word) and targeted, security and law orientated CV templates.

  • Covers a range of career functions such as Police Service, Bodyguards, Close Protection, Security Consultancy, Law, Solicitors' CVs and many more.

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  • Easily use these CVs and cover letter templates to easily write your own perfect CV.

  • Choose one of the many CV templates that you download, then add content (copy and paste) from the other CV templates, then easily edit it to create your own professionally looking CV and cover letter.

  • You can then email me your new CV for a free review.

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About Police, Law, CP, Security CV Templates.


You can find the best CV templates to download here. These templates will help you through the CV writing procedure. Bear in mind you will have to choose how to present your career details on the best CV format. With numerous CV formats available to select from it can be tricky to determine which is best for you. You can download and use the best CV template suited to your law career here. There is also a template MS Word file that you can use below.

To produce the highest possible impact on your law CV it will be best to get your CV professionally compiled - you will then be able to communicate your skills and achievements successfully to the intended readers. An experienced CV writer will have the knowledge and ability to write your CV professionally and present you in the the best possible light .

Today, online you can find various CV templates that will help you through the process of writing your CV. Of course, you will need to decide how display your career information on the best CV format and download and use the best possible CV template. With many CV formats available it can be difficult to determine which is best.

Writing your own CV. Remember the cost of not doing the CV writing job properly can of course run into tens of thousands of pounds per year as you will not be able to compete in the job market as effectively as you deserve. You will never get a second chance to make a really good first impression. If you want to succeed in life get a great CV.

There are many different types of CV format available so you may be confused as to which CV will best present your profile, skills, qualifications and work experience. There are mainly 4 different CV formats: the Chronological CV, the Performance CV, the Functional CV, the Targeted CV and the Universal CV. There are other types of CV of similar variations, the Performance CV, such as the hybrid CV, the Comprehensive CV, and the Brief CV. Other variations of the CV document are the executive biography and the resume, and of course the covering or supporting letter.

Recommended: The Universal CV (BUY NOW BUTTON) above: The best CV format to present is the Universal CV with career functions if necessary. This format can also include any career management functions.