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Download a range of Logistics CV templates below.   If you have a problem please email or phone me, Mike Kelley
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Logistics CVs

Download editable and expertly written, Logistics, Distribution and Transport Management CV templates below. They include despatch and warehousing, fleet management, haulage, operations, consultancy, directorship, project management and many more. These CV templates will considerably help you through the process of writing your own CV.

Fully worded, editable and targeted, MS Word
Logistics CV Templates

(Download over 20 editable CV templates)

  • Download over 20 professionally written, fully worded (MS Word) and targeted, Logistics CV templates.

  • Covers despatch and warehousing, fleet management, haulage, operations, consultancy, directorship, project management and many more.

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  • Easily use these Logistics CVs and cover letter templates to effectively market yourself.

  • Download and choose one of the many CV templates provided, then add content (copy and  paste) from other templates and easily edit it to create your own professionally looking CV and cover letter.

  • Then email me your new CV for a free review.

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About Logistics, Transport and Distribution CV Templates.


You can find the best Logistics CV templates here. These templates will give support and guide you through your CV writing process. Keep in mind you will have to present your career details on the best CV format. However, with so many CV formats to select from, it can be difficult to determine the best format suited for your needs, so I have provided one for you. You can download and use the CV templates provided above.

Produce the best possible impact on your CV. Consider hiring a professionally CV writer - you will then be able to communicate your skills and achievements successfully to any reader of your CV. An experienced CV writer will have the knowledge and ability to write your CV in a way that will present you in the the best possible light.


Recommended: The best CV template to present is the Universal Logistics CV. This format can also include any career management functions.



Writing a Perfect CV with CV Templates:


 Your Curriculum Vitae will play a most important role in the development your logistics career or finding a new job. Most know that the CV is more than just a couple of sheets of paper containing personal information, they are in fact, vital in attracting potential employers and will be instrumental in obtaining the job or promotion you deserve.

Your CV must communicate your skills, capabilities and value to employers. A well written CV will considerably multiply  your chances of getting those job interviews. Your logistics CV should be clear, concise and complete. It must contain all relevant career information, including a summary of your aspirations and experience, education or training, contact information, responsibilities and achievements, personal data and maybe some highly targeted job functions.

It's challenging to write a Logistics CV, especially one that stands out from the crowd and is able to attract the required attention. I recommend creating your perfect CV by using the editable CV templates above. These will greatly assist you in writing your own CV (and cover letter), without taking too much time and effort. Once edited, these will provide you with a CV that will get a great response from employers and recruiters. There are a thousands of other Curriculum Vitae templates available online, but be aware there are some really bad ones. You can point these out to me, if you wish by email and I will advise accordingly.  Most are outdated.  The CVs provided here on this page, are the modern universal CV formats that people in your occupation can use quite easily. 

Before writing your CV, it is recommended that you use one of the CV templates provided in the payment / download section above. Choose one CV template as a master copy, and some of the other CVs provided to copy, and paste relevant information into your master CV template then simply edit it to meet your own requirements. You will easily be able to edit your CV to achieve a personalized and targeted presentation. You can then email me your CV for a free review. Please do, email me your Curriculum Vitae or to any to a real  professional CV writer, it will be most beneficial to you. I will advise free and quote if your wish me to work on your CV. I can  highlight your strengths, hide any weaknesses, check the grammar and spelling etc., and make the most effective CV presentation for you.

The CV templates for sale on this page will be instrumental in creating your perfect CV.  Employers will be especially attracted to your CV. These CV templates can also help you realise the latest trends in the job application process and will help you complete any job application form or write a cover letter. 


These CV templates with greatly enhance the impact you will have on the readers, by being targeted and well presented, using identified areas of expertise and achievements by quantifying responsibilities, using bullet points rather than large paragraphs of text for impact. They are also far easier to read than the outdated CV formats most people still use. Only a well written CV can position you over and above other job applicants.


For free CV writing advice and details of my CV writing service please contact me, Mike Kelley.