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Management CV Templates


Management CV Templates to download, Written by Mike Kelley, CV Writer since 1989.


Download fully worded and targeted management CV templates, suitable for a range of appointments to Senior Management, Director, Executive levels, functions include: Sales, Marketing, Retail, Production, Project Management, Technical, Financial, Business Consultancy and more. These templates will significantly help you write your own CV. You can then email me your efforts for free advice.

Download over 80 editable, expertly written
Management CV templates (MS Word)


  • Covers Sales, Marketing, Production, Project Management, Technical, Finance, Business, Consultancy and many more.

  • Includes cover letter and interview follow-up letters.

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  • Easily use these Management CV and cover letter templates to easily write your own CV.

  • Simply choose one of the many management CV templates provided, then add content (copy & paste) from others provided then edit it to create your own professionally looking CV.

  • Create your new CV then email it to me for a free review.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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About Management CV Templates and Formats.


In sales, it is not the features that are purchased, it is the benefits of the product or service offered. This is the same in job searching or business networking. You may be the best manager around, but this is not why you are hired. It is because your management skills (your features), make contributions to the company (benefits). The "benefits" you deliver is the real reason why you are employed. When thinking about your management achievements and when writing your CV, you should ask yourself the question '"who benefited from my management abilities and how'?"  Thereafter, writing your CV it can become what is know as "benefit laden".


Create a Significant Impact: to get best out of your Management CV you will need to create the greatest possible impact on the readers.  You should consider getting your CV professionally written so you can communicate your achievements effectively. A professional CV writer will have the skills to write your CV effectively and communicate the best possible contribution that you can make to your prospective employers.  

Recommended: The best CV format to present is the Universal CV format. You can download these templates above. 


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Remember, you must create an impact!  A sure way to get a CV that creates the greatest impact on the reader is to have it professionally written.  You must communicate your achievements in the best possible light. A professional CV writer will have the expertise to draw the reader's attention to the significant contribution that you can make. Alternatively, I highly recommend downloading the editable CV templates above if you choose to write your own CV and cover letter.

Which CV Management Template Should You Use?

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) plays an essential role in shaping your management career. It's not just a piece of paper containing information about yourself; it is much much more. Your CV is your chance to communicate with potential employers. It enables you to tell them about your management abilities strengths and suitability for various jobs. Having a perfect Curriculum Vitae multiplies your chances of getting job interviews.

Writing a perfect CV is quite a daunting task. However, you can create a perfect management CV with the help of an appropriate CV template. The CV templates provided above can be easily used to writing your own perfect CV. These templates will give you an a great idea of what your CV should look like; how to target it , what to include and what to exclude and make a really good CV presentation. Before writing or rewriting your CV, review the various CV templates provided, then choose one that satisfies your requirements to use as your main template. You can then copy and paste information from other templates and include your own career and personal information to make it your own. These CV templates will make CV writing a much easier, you can then email me your work for a free review. Your CV is your introduction to the job market and therefore still deserves time and effort.

Finding an appropriate template among of many templates provide available is simple. The key to success is choosing one that is professional and targeted. The CV template you use should display your information in a clear, neat and innovative way. The CV layout should reflect originality and have the power to grasp the employer's attention. Do not use other management CV templates that are found all over the internet for various reasons - again you can email me if you have any questions, I will advise accordingly.

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