Technical CV Templates

Technical CV Templates (mostly Engineering)


Logistics CV Templates to download, Written by Mike Kelley, CV Writer since 1989.


Easily download expertly targeted and fully worded CV templates for technical careers, including Civil, Construction, Marine, Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Telecoms, Water, Pipefitter, Welder, CNC, Design and much more. They will significantly help you write your own CV. You can then email me your efforts for free advice.

Download over 100 expertly written
Engineering CV templates (MS Word)


  • For technical careers: Civil,  Construction, Electrical  and Mechanical, Aerospace, Water, Marine  Engineers, plus IT, Telecoms, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders, Production CNC, Design, Contracts and many more.

  • Includes cover letter and interview follow-up letters.

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  • Easily use these Technical Engineering CVs to easily write your own CV.

  • Simply choose one of the many CV templates provided, then add content (copy & paste) from others provided then edit it to really develop your own CV.

  • Then email it to me for a free review.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Technical Careers, CV Templates and Formats.


The Functional CV, focuses is on your technical and management career functions and expands on your skills.

The Targeted CV, may focus on a particular job or project vacancy. Both these CV formats are good for technical employees, working on short term contracts or by people that have been employed in various fields.
Create Impact with your technical CV by getting it professionally written . You will then be able to present your value and skills in the best possible light. Any professional CV writer should have the knowledge, experience skills communicate the highest contribution that you can make to prospective employers. This format can also include any career management functions.

Recommended - The best CV format to present is the Universal CV with technical career functions. This format can also include any career management functions. You can download Universal CV templates above.

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A Perfect CV for Technical Careers.

Your CV is a vital document that will CV play a significant role in convincing potential employers, recruiters, and agencies to call you for an interview. A perfect CV can get you one step closer to landing the ideal job. Most of us do not know how to write a CV properly and do not take CV writing seriously. Writing an effective CV is a tedious task, but paying attention will be very beneficial.

A perfect CV is one that is targeted has the correct layout, presents all necessary information clearly, and is easy to read, it should also be tailored to the requirements of the job area you are seeking. To create a perfect CV, you must communicate your aspirations, technical experience, skills, responsibilities and achievements in an organized way. Once you have gathered all of the relevant information you can write your CV in a cohesive manner, or you can have it professionally written. As a minimum requirement, it is recommended that you get your attempts proofread by a Professional CV Writer.  Choose a professional with years of experience to review your CV before sending to all those potential employers. It is also extremely important to keep your CV up-to-date and personalized, I also highly recommend joining, and connecting to me to increase your web presence.  You should reflect employers' needs and job-specific requirements , this will leave a positive and constructive impression on all those that read your CV.

You can download professionally designed CV templates from this page, also see  my website's CV template page. After selecting and downloading an appropriate CV template category, you can easily edit the information provided to achieve your perfect CV. 

Mike Kelley, CV Writer since 1989 at First Impressions.