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Mike Kelley CV Writer has unrivalled CV writing experience (since 1989).

Why choose my CV writing service when there are many other experts writing CVs, all saying they write the best? 

It is tempting to pick the cheapest but it is important to remember the real cost related to not getting your CV professionally written.

Make the Right Choice in your Search for a
Professional CV Writer

1t is common to believe that the highest priced service is the best, after all, they must be good to command fees of up to 900. Be careful, you do not always get what you pay for. Likewise, the “cheapest” services will end up costing you much more in the long term than you think. You may have just wasted your money on someone who used the same basic CV template you could have utilized and cost you that new job. See the latest modern CV templates.

The most expensive CV services can lead you to believe that you absolutely need an expensive CV, and CV writers frequently secure their clients based on this sales pitch. If you are quoted a reasonable fee (somewhere well between the 80 and the 150), you have a good chance of paying for a well presented CV and cover letter that will generate interviews, boost your confidence and frequently position you as a candidate worthy of that new position and higher salary.

If you order a piece of jewellery from a catalogue, you will want to see it first. Do you want to spend money on an item without seeing examples. This is one of the most compelling tales of a CV service’s quality. Without viewing CV examples, how can you be sure that their CVs are the best or the most successful? Many CV writers claim to offer outstanding CVs without any proof. You can contact these companies to request an example only to be told that “each client is different, an example will not help.” An expert CV writer is an expert CV writer and there should be nothing to hide. If you do see CV examples, make sure they are legible and not small graphics of what it will “look like,” as you have to be able to read it! In addition to just looking impressive, the content must be compelling as it is the content that makes the employer to pick up the phone. Not seeing an example is a sure sign that this service merely “types” CVs rather than actually composing effective marketing documents designed to impress employers.

"Years of Experience" – though this is difficult to confirm, information can be verified merely by talking to the "expert" person in charge of the service. Do not rely merely on what a website claims, pick up the phone and talk to the owner. Ask questions as to when they started in the business, what their background consists of and how many CVs they have written. Question them on CV trends, job search statistics and their success rate. In short, get a feel for who will be managing your writing project. If he or she falters, or seems to steer the conversation away from themselves and back onto you, i.e., trying to sell their services without even listening to your questions or what you need, chances are they are not as experienced as they say. Please call me to discuss my CV service and how I can help you.

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Unrivalled Experience: I have personally written CVs for people at all levels since 1989. There are many Freelance CV writers that offer their services to other CV writing services and work for a number of companies. I do not outsource my CV service to other writers as I believe, I possess unrivalled experience in this field of expertise.

My CV website offers valuable information. It should address your needs, with
CV writing advice CV examples, and clear pricing of service provided.




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Mike Kelley, UK +44 (0)191 2514000. Newcastle.

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