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I have written a few articles about the role and position of recruitment agencies within industries and I communicate with people who are still recruitment -sceptics and wonder what are recruitment agencies actually good for? How can they help you? What is their agenda, and does it conflict with your own.


What are Recruitment Agencies Good For?

I'll start by affirming one thing,  recruitment agencies are not always the most fantastic thing in the whole world for absolutely everyone. I certainly haven't and I don't think anyone has suggested that. Some people work in industries where jobs are niched and specific where job agencies work on too big a scale to be effective. I believe one problem people have with recruitment agencies is that their first experience of them is a bad one.  They are young and uncertain and turn to a job board recruitment agency to find them some Saturday work on great money. This will not be an exciting experience for the job seeker. Recruitment agencies, like any company, have a target audience. Nowadays, recruitment agencies can enjoy a audience with an array of interests and expertises, such is the digital age.

So then, what are these recruitment agencies good for?

Firstly, they are often the best first port-of-call for those who are unemployed or seeking a different job. Not only do they provide a fairly accurate picture of the industry they are often a place where employers will look for job seekers.

Secondly, recruitment agencies employ experts in different industries. Therefore, if you are looking to change between industries but are unsure where to look or who to communicate with, a recruitment agency is likely to be able to point you in the right direction.

Recruitment agencies are a the single biggest pool of job-seeker tools in the industry. Recruitment agencies aim to have a symbiotic relationship with recruiters and job seekers. The better at searching and applying for jobs that job-seekers become, the easier the recruitment agency's job is. They are one of few remaining examples of companies which are try to 'help you help yourself''.

Finally, recruitment agencies stay up-to-date. Unlike some other forms of recruitment processes (print advertising for example) recruitment agencies are in a position which allows them to adapt their strategies and processes in accordance with industry-wide developments .

I hope this article helps to convince some of the remaining sceptics that recruitment agencies are crucial and worthwhile and that they can be extremely useful for job seekers.

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