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I see people all the time who wish they had written an effective cover letter, before applying for all those important jobs. Mike Kelley


It can be very tough to get a job, with lots of people seeking work today and obtaining a perfect job can seem like a dream. There are jobs out there but the applicants need to get ahead of the competition. This can be done  with a professionally written CV and a cover letter to help target specific jobs. 

Writing Your Cover Letter

Present a badly written cover letter and the chances are your job application will end up being thrown away. A well written cover letter, and CV can almost guarantee an interview. The cover letter that you submit with your CV will definitely increase your chances of actually getting you the job.

I can have a significant input into the writing and targeting of your cover letter as part of my CV Writing Service.  My CV template download files also include cover letter templates.

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Cover Letter Writing Advice

In this page you will find examples and advice on how to write your cover letter, follow-up letters and thank-you letters. You will also learn how to take letter content from your Curriculum Vitae, plus other free services that will develop your job hunting and self marketing skills, all needed to find that new and better job. Submit a poorly written cover letter or CV and it may be thrown away in the bin without being read properly. A well written cover letter with a great CV will almost guarantee you the interview. Follow these few simple steps.

1.  Keep your cover letter brief. Your application form and Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the document that conveys expands upon your life skill and qualifications etc., so your cover letter needs be concise and motivate the reader to also review your application form and CV.

2.  Remember your cover letter serves a purpose. It introduces you and motivates the reader to look at your CV.

3.  Write about why you are applying for a particular position: "I am applying for the position of ...". Clearly state the position for which you are applying. Do not assume the HR staff will automatically know what job you want.

4.  Ensure you include all contact information.

5.  Highlight a few of your strong points and achievements. Remember - be brief.

6.  It is difficult to proofread your own writing . Find other people to
read your cover letter, application forms and CV.

7.  Ensure your cover letter has no misspellings, poor grammar or typos. 

More cover letter writing help

For a professional CV and cover letter writing service simply email me your existing CV and / or complete my online CV Questionnaire. I will reply with my free advice and a quote.

Please a email me your existing CV or complete my CV Questionnaire for free advice and a quote.

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