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Download CV (Curriculum Vitae) examples by career function.

"Display your career information on the best possible CV format. Simply download the CV templates below (MS Word) and cover letters suited to your profession"

CV Examples by Occupation

(Download targeted and editable MS Word CV templates below)


Using a CV example will help with writing your CV. However, it will be far more effective if you write your new CV using a CV template. You can download and use many targeted and fully worded CV templates provided here.


Please do not copy your CV word-for-word from any CV example or template provided, simply use them a guide to write your own CV. 



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About the CV.
The term CV means "the course of one's life". However, this of course certainly does not mean everything that you have done throughout your life is written on your CV, it should be focused on your career, your qualifications, work experience and achievements.

CV examples, formats and templates. today most people have just one standard layout called the "Universal CV". You can make use of this CV template for framing your career.

Most employers also consider the writing of a CV as a demonstration of how you, the job applicant carries out a task and makes a presentation, so it is an important element when screening applicants.

There are a number of applicants who are not sure of how to format their own CV.  You can make use of the CV examples and  templates especially if your CV is not having an effect on the job market. These CVs can be considered as a starting template for your career information which can be used as a model for targeting other CVs to different job areas using a well written career statement.

After you have downloaded your CV templates, you can be sure that you will have a much better understanding of how to create the best CV and cover letter. These examples and templates may have slightly differing designs but you can copy and paste from one template to another.

Remember, you should always avoid copying the CV templates word-for-word you may not feel comfortable with the content as it is, when meeting potential employers.

You will also find cover letter templates within your downloaded files that you can submit with your CV.

Simply type in all your own career information onto the template that will frame your own perfect CV.



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