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You can download modern, editable and targeted CVs and cover letter templates here. Using these CV templates to write your CV is an excellent way to help market yourself.



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The Career Chronology:
Many people use a chronological CV template to write their own CV, however this “standalone” CV template is now outdated and considered quite basic. This old CV format or template, usually just lists personal details, education, and work history (most recent job first. CVs should now be targeted with a career statement and maybe a skills or "areas of expertise" index. This however, still may not be the best CV template for your job search situation. If you have just graduated from college, for example, you may not possess a list of job specific specialized training, work history, or professional experience.

Career Functions: are expressed as an expansion of your skills. A functional CV format is often used for individuals / managers that are seeking a position in a different field. This CV template can also good for those for in trades or technical employees on various short term contracts. Career functions can be written on the Universal CV template.

The Targeted CV can also focus on a specific vacancy.  This CV template is good for those with trades or technical employees on various short term contracts or by people that have been employed in various fields.

Downloading these Contemporary CV Templates: these can be a hybrid of all of the above templates described. If you are confused about which CV to use, use this one to present to employers. Choosing this template is the best way to get the attention you deserve if you are writing your own CV, This CV will display the relevant information you need in order to be chosen for an interview.

Your CV should be more than just a faceless document, it should be designed to speak to potential employers or recruiters in your absence. Write why you would be a valuable member of staff, and the benefits you will bring to the company.

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