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I come across people all the time who wish they wrote an effective job application, cover letter and Curriculum Vitae for all those important jobs"



CV Writing Advice (Using CV Templates)

CV advice is considered simple by many - guess what, WRONG! - many people seem to want to give advice on how to write a CV.  Using professional CV templates from an expert CV writer is always recommended. From a CV writer who  offers free CV writing advice and focuses on a number of the "Golden Rules" such as the correct formatting, targeting, content layout etc. whilst concentrating on spelling and grammar.

It is wise to research professional CV writing advice after you have downloaded the best (MS Word) CV Templates  suited to your particular job search needs and profession.  You can then include your own career content etc. within these templates for a free CV review provided by myself (Mike Kelley).

Downloading and using my CV templates can the best and cheapest way to obtain a really good, expertly written CV.  Far better than getting totally confused after a lot of research and reading loads of bad advice and misinformation, online and offline regarding CV writing.

When writing your own CV   You certainly have to make use of all the rules (below - presently being updated).  One main point to note, is that traditional CV formats are now almost obsolete -  CV writing has been evolving as the years pass, and most CVs are now based around what is now known as the Universal CV Template : these can be a hybrid CV i.e. targeted, chronological and functional, an "all in one" format and is easier to write without all that confusion over which individual format to use.

The Cover Letter when applying for job it is best to properly introduce yourself, and give more targeted information as well as the opportunity to follow-up your application maybe with a telephone call.  Cover letter templates are also included with the CV template package that you can download.

Employers are looking individuals with the right skills and areas of expertise who have demonstrated their abilities through a number of achievements, whether they have been instrumental in these achievements or acted as part of a team (assuming your profession is achievement based).  Presenting an expertly written CV and cover letter, to potential employers demonstrates your ability to carry out a given task. Ensure both documents creates impact, you will not get a second chance to make the best first impression. You must also make sure sure that your employer is left with no doubt to the type of job you are applying or looking for, and you must communicate that you are the right person for the job. 

If you decide not use the services or take the advice of a professional CV writer, you can still effectively sell yourself by making use of your own CV writing skills by downloading and using the MS Word CV templates provided, You should make sure your CV and cover letter is targeted, well presented without errors then they will take their time to read it.

Your objective should be to evaluate a number of job offers!

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Golden Rules when Writing a CV (being updated)
By applying golden CV writing rules and using professionally written CV templates you can be on the way to evaluating those precious job offers.

1. Contact Details.
2. Profile, Career or Objective Statement.
3. Key Skills Analysis
4. Education and Qualifications.
5. Company Profile.
6. Career History
7. Duties and Responsibilities.
8. Achievements - Demonstrated Abilities.
9. Situations and Tasks or Actions.
10. Hobbies and Interests
11. Personal Details.
12. Which CV format?

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