Distribute a CV (Curriculum Vitae)  for plenty of job offers.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Distribution

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"I come across people all the time who wish they had their Curriculum Vitae or Resume distributed professionally to all those important recruiters and agencies.


CV Distribution

Is your job search taking a too long? Is it taking weeks or months to get in front of recruiters in your industry or sector?

There is an alternative Curriculum Vitae (CV) distribution service that is proven, guaranteed service that enables you to get your Curriculum Vitae in front of hundreds of recruiters.

I recommend CV Distribution Services. You choose your industry, location, salary range plus of course the position or title sought.  They will email or fax your CV to recruiters, agencies and employers who match your job skills and qualifications.

Please only target your CV to recruiters and employers who only match your skills and qualifications or you may pay more than you need.


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