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General CV Writing - Education


If you have recently graduated or have a number of relevant professional qualifications, these should be written on the first page of your CV, list any education or training that relates to your job target. As you gain more experience, your education / professional development is best placed on the second page.

For recent graduates, list information such as college activities and any notable projects that relate directly to your job target. Showing high school education and activities on a Curriculum Vitae is only appropriate when you are under 20 and have no education or training beyond high school. Once you have completed either college courses or specialised technical training, drop your high school information altogether.

Continuing education shows that you care about life-long learning and self-development, so think about any relevant training since your formal education was completed. Relevancy is the key word here, always look at your Curriculum Vitae from the perspective of a potential employer. Don't waste space by listing training that is not directly or indirectly related to your target job.





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