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Do you possess a wealth of experience and a proven ability of sales management and business development?  Are you consistently achieving significant year-on-year sales targets and growth? Are you accomplished in training and motivating other sales people to provide a high level of customer service?  Do you believe that good team leadership and a hands-on approach to management brings increased standards and profits? Then why isn't it written in your CV?

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The Sales CV's Features and Benefits.

In sales, as you know it is not the features that are purchased , it is the benefits of the product or service sold. In job searching, the same applies, you may be a real expert in your profession, but this is not why you will be hired. It is because you will will demonstrate your skills (features) such as management, marketing and promotions, merchandising, business development, team building, and leadership, skills how you maximize profits, train staff, budget, and deliver quality customer service. Does this sound like you? Plus of course the significant contributions (benefits), you have can achieve for your company.

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Please see an example Sales CV below. Highly recommended editable Sales CV Templates.

   "I Found a Job!"     
CV. Peter Elger  IT Sales CV
(Contact details omitted -
I advertised here and found a job).    

An impressive record of selling a wide range of I.T. technologies, services and, whilst identifying sales and marketing strategies. Well networked, meeting critical deadlines and delivering significant benefits to client companies, Having also established effective relationships, developed customer confidence and company awareness in a very competitive marketplace. Now looking to make a continued significant contribution for a multi-national, I.T. company within an international setting.

Areas of Expertise
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Sourcing Funding

  • Networking / Negotiating

  • Identifying New Markets

  • Change Management

  • Salesmanship /Closing / Up-selling

  • Team Working / Leadership

  • Building Relationships

  • Sales Project Management

  • International Conference Speaker

  • Business Processes

  • Business Development

  • Account Management

  • Negotiating

  • Maximizing Profits

Education and Professional Development

BA.   Business Administration
Sales / Technical Courses:
Sales Techniques, Project Management Technology & Product Training EMEA Sales Training, Strategic Sales Techniques, BMC Software Business Service Management, Partner Sales Training.

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

IT SALES MANAGER (2006 - Present)

Name of Company

  • Leading a sales team of 15 staff managing 40 major accounts, selling enterprise class software to high profile Telecom and Banking companies.

  • Developed business, partners, and channel management.

  • Developed Business leading to 300k sales p.a., plus 25k in cross-selling and up selling.

  • Developed sales and business for various clients.

  • Closed was around 190 p.a. in average major sales.

  • Exceeded a 1600k personal target year-on-year

  • Instrumental in sourcing, developing and retaining the General Manager’s accounts.

  • Resolved conflicts and restored relations with major accounts .


Name of Company

  • Built Service Department from scratch.

  • Led a team responsible for implementation, service and maintenance of equipment and software.

  • Wrote operating procedures and smart departmental communications, and reduced overall costs.

  • Developed a "service network" through our national partners..

  • Integrated new systems into businesses in cooperation with clients' specialists.

  • Supported technical escalations of problems and service failures as expected within SLAs.

  • Assured internal knowledge sharing, skill updating and technical excellence for hardware and software.

  • Reduced operational costs by designing operating procedures and smart departmental communications.

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A well written Sales CV will help you find that new job .


An Impressive Sales Curriculum Vitae (CV) is vital for obtaining new Sales Jobs.

If you have little or no experience job hunting, you might not recognize how vital a CV is for your career. You need to demonstrate your sales ability when selling yourself in the job market. Whenever you approach a company with the aim of getting a sales job, the first thing you will probably be asked for is your CV. You only proceed to the next stage if your sales CV is impressive. When you submit your Sales CV to companies, keep in mind that hundreds of other people will be doing the same. Therefore, you have to ensure that your CV is strong enough to catch an employer's eye, even amidst hundreds of other CVs. However, this is not so difficult.

How your Sales CV Helps You Attract Employers

In order to ensure that you are effective in your job search, you have to work on your CV and cover letter as these in effect will be your Sales and Marketing - promotional  documents.  Most people are of the impression that CV writing is nothing more than compiling your educational qualifications, interests and job experience, if any. In fact, your CV is an opportunity to present employers with your whole life, albeit maybe in just a few words. It gives you a chance to put forth your skills (features) and your achievements (benefits) to employers using the time honoured sales techniques. Only a well planned and well written Sales CV can do that for you.

Professional Sales CV Writing

When writing a CV, you may wish to hire a professional CV writer. With years of experience, a professional CV writer can prepare your Sales CV that will help you attract many potential employers. However, a CV prepared by an expert can be costly for many job seekers. Another option is to use some well written CV templates. My CV templates are designed help you prepare a a really effective you CV and cover letter.

If you are looking for professional CV writing service, or CV templates to suit your job search needs, then look no further. You can also obtain free CV writing advice by emailing me your existing CV.

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