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"I am ex-army and realise the military can offer a great deal of experience to civilian employers, yet their abilities are often overlooked. With a little innovation, military people can easily make the transition to civilian life and effectively position themselves as worthy candidates". Mike Kelley  CV writer since 1989.

Mike Kelley, writing CVs for Accountant since 1989


Survival of the Fittest!   As an (ex) Soldier, NCO, SNCO Officer  you will need the latest CV format: People in specialist organisations such as the army, need to write their CV and communicate how they will "fit in". These military CV templates will significantly help you find the content you need and target your CV to those elusive civilian jobs. 

Download over 20 editable and targeted
Military (Army, Navy, RAF) CV Templates


  • Download over 20 professionally written, fully worded, MS Word, Military CV templates and examples.

  • These CV templates include: Management, Infantry, CP, Stores, Logistics, Administration, Project Management, Technical, Finance and  Training career function and many more.

  • Also cover letter templates and interview follow-up letters.

  • These expertly worded CVs and will give you loads of excellent ideas towards writing and targeting your CV and cover letter. 

  • Once drafted you can email it to me for a free review.


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About  Ex-Army and Army CV Examples, Templates and Formats.

Army CV

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> Download Military CV Templates <


As a Military Person will need the latest up-to-date CV. The latest CV templates now available here and they bring civilian job searching to a new level as they will easily keep you up-to-date with self-marketing techniques. You do not have to worry about presenting your military career on any another CV format. Simply download and use the fully worded and targeted CV templates provided.


This format is now widely recognised as one of the best to use. Therefore, if you intend to write your own Civilian CV, you will be able to easily expand on your skills and or other career abilities you possess. All your career information will be well presented and targeted with a career objective statement, a key skills analysis and index for targeting those civilian jobs, all on the required two pages. So there's no need to worry, I have done it for you. You can present your career information easily on these fully targeted CV templates.


CV Street - Military personnel - Tips on writing your CV: Everyone's talking about "key words and key skills." I index these under a category of "Areas of Expertise." Conducting a job search is like marketing and selling a product, with YOU as the product. The best way to market yourself is to go through this sales sequence.  In sales you have the "Features and Benefits" of the service or product provided. When selling yourself these can be communicated as your "Skills and Achievements".

Ex-military personnel can offer a great deal of experience and dedication to prospective commercial employers. Yet their abilities are often overlooked, because , they may not be able to understand the skill gained throughout your career, because recruiters feels that the language used or "buzz words" do not match. If the recruiter is forced to decipher too much information or jargon, he or she may be unable to see the experience they seek. With analysis and innovation, people can easily make the transition from military to civilian careers and effectively position themselves as worthy candidates. The first step for the transition is for the applicant to understand his or her skills and abilities, and how those abilities relate to their intended job target / business or industry. These can be indexed on the front page of the CV for IMPACT anything from Leadership, Human Resources, to Policy-making and Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Operations Management, Purchasing, Systems Administration and Support.

Survival of the Fittest. To create the "Civilian" CV (as with any other specialized field) military job applicants need not only to prepare their CV and cover letter in "lay terms" but also to strategise how they will "fit in", marketing themselves throughout the hiring process with the focus on the professional capabilities the benefits the applicant will bring to the company or organization.

CV Presentation:  Your CV's visual presentation is as critical as the content. Readers should be immediately impressed with the appearance, content and targeting.  The applicant should use the language and industry terms specific to the chosen industry and profession.

It's a sales thing! it isn't the features that are purchased in sales, it is the benefits of the service or product. When job hunting in Civvy Street, the same applies. You may be the best Soldier around, but this is not the reason you are going to be employed. It is because your skills (features) make a contribution (benefits), i.e. achieving things for your employer. The "benefits" you deliver are the reason why you will be hired. Think about your achievements when writing your CV, you should ask yourself the question " who benefited from my work and how'?"  You CV can become "benefit laden". This will also help you at interviews.


I highly recommend downloading the editable MS Word, Military CV Templates provided: they are up-to-date, modern CVs, they include: Management, Infantry, CP, Stores, Logistics, Administration, Project Management, Technical, Finance and Training career function and many more career functions. You will create the best possible impression on your potential employers with your new CV format, communicating your skills, responsibilities and achievements in a targeted well presented manner.


For a Professionally Written CV, you can complete my CV questionnaire or email me your existing Curriculum Vitae for free advice. I  assure you the highest quality CV writing service. Mike Kelley.

Please see another Military CV example below. Don't  forget your CV templates will significantly help with writing your own CV and cover letter.


CV (here's another Army CV example)
Name,´┐ŻAddress, Contact Details:

Possessing 22 years military (Army) service, leadership and management experience. Able to recognize and defuse dangerous situations whilst remaining calm under extreme pressure in hostile environments, involving control, risk assessment and split second decision making. Skilled in developing staff and being responsible for quality training programmes. Also able to work within budgets and strict timescales. having recently completed the Ronin Close Protection Course in South Africa, I am now looking forward to making a continued significant contribution within the Close Protection Industry in the UK or overseas.

Areas of Expertise
  • Close Protection

  • Operational Management

  • Close Observation

  • Budgeting / Reducing Costs

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Light and Armoured Reconnaissance

  • First Aid / Field Medic

  • Staff Training / Development

  • Security

  • Signaller

  • Leadership

  • Quality Assurance

Education and Professional Development

  Vetting Clearance            SC ref: 0012345672 expires 2017

  SIA Close Protection           Ronin, South Africa

  NVQ Assessor                   D32 D33.

Professional Experience (H.M. Forces, Army)


Reconnaissance Platoon 2i/c. Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan Command.

  • Led, trained administered 34 men, comprising of SNCOs, JNCOs and Privates in Close Target Surveillance and reconnaissance for target acquisition and target / threat evaluation.

  • Assisted the Military Operational Reconnaissance and Liaison Teams (Op Highbrow).


Northern Ireland:

  • Commanded, led, trained and administered 24 NCOs and Privates in complex Counter Terrorism and Public Order Operations urban and rural. 

  • Supported Special branch, PSNI and other Agencies.

  • As a Permanent Staff Instructor (PSI), trained and set standards to a multi-cap badged regiment in order to fulfil their role as reserve forces for Op Telic and their planned mobilization.   .   

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