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"Management CV templates are now available to download from this page. They are expertly worded and will give you lots of excellent ideas towards writing your own CV's targeting and content. They will significantly help you write your own professional looking CV and cover letter".
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These latest management CV templates bring job searching to a new level. They will easily keep you, the job candidate up-to-date with the latest self-marketing techniques used in your industry of business.


Download over 80 editable and targeted
Management CV Templates


  • Download over 80 professionally written, fully worded, MS Word, Management CV templates and examples.

  • These include, Production. Retail, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Technical, Finance, Business Consultancy and many more.

  • Also cover letter templates and interview follow-up letters.

  • These expertly worded CVs and will give you loads of excellent ideas towards writing your own CV. 

  • They will significantly help you write your own professional looking CV and cover letter.

  • Once drafted you can email it to me for a free review.


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About  Management CV Examples, Templates and Formats.

 management cv example

management cv

> Download Management CV Templates <


As a Manager will need the latest up-to-date CV . The latest CV templates now available here and they bring job searching to a new level and they will easily keep you up-to-date with self-marketing techniques. You do not have to worry about presenting your management career on any another CV format. Simply download and use the fully worded and targeted CV templates provided. This format is now widely recognised as one of the best to use. Therefore, if you intend to write your own CV, you will be able to easily expand on your management skills and or other career abilities you may possess. All your career information will be well presented and targeted with a career objective statement, a key skills analysis and index for targeting , a list of professional qualifications and experience all on the required two pages. So there's no need to worry, I have done it for you. You can present your career information easily on these fully targeted CV templates


It's a sales thing! it isn't the features that are purchased in sales, it is the benefits of the service or product. In job hunting , the same applies. You may be the best manager around, but this is not the reason why you are employed. It is because your skills (features) make a contribution (benefits), i.e. achieving things for your employer. The "benefits" you deliver are the reason why you are hired. Think about your achievements when writing your CV, you should ask yourself the question " who benefited from my work and how'?"  You CV can become "benefit laden". This will also help you at interviews.


I highly recommend downloading the editable MS Word, Management CV Templates provided: they are up-to-date, modern CVs and include Production. Retail, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Technical, Finance, Business Consultancy and many more career functions. You will create the best possible impression on your potential employers with your new CV format, communicating your skills, responsibilities and achievements in a targeted well presented manner.


For a Professionally Written CV, you can complete my CV questionnaire or email me your existing Curriculum Vitae for free advice. I  assure you the highest quality CV writing service. Mike Kelley.

Please see another Management CV example below. Don't  forget your CV templates will significantly help with writing your own CV and cover letter.


CV (here's another management CV example)
Name,´┐ŻAddress, Contact Details:

A well networked, Operational Manager for large capital companies. Multi-disciplinary skills have delivered considerable results across a broad range of technologies from telecoms, CRM and billing to offshore outsourcing for enterprise, e-learning and publishing.  Most recently, leading sales and marketing development for enterprise.  Now looking to make a continued significant contribution to a company that offers a challenging Strategic Marketing appointment within an enterprise role.

Areas of Expertise
  • Sales and Marketing

  • Operational Management

  • Channel Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Software Consulting

  • Team Building

  • Problem Solving

  • Financial and Budget Control

  • Business and Market Analysis

  • Sourcing Finance

  • Product Development

  • Leadership

  • Maximizing Profits

  • Quality Assurance

Education and Professional Development

  B.A, (Hons)                     Business Studies

  Diploma                                Chartered Institute of Marketing, London Guildhall University

  ACCA Member                 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

Sales and Marketing Director (EMEA) (2008 - Present)

Name of Company

  • Responsible for significantly increasing bottom line, direct and indirect growth.

  • Developed an opportunity pipeline in excess of €15 million and closed deals in excess of €2 million with major clients such as Deutsche Bank, GE, and Siemens.

  • Worked closely with strategic OEM partners such as SUN and IBM.

  • Recruited a network of EMEA system integrators such as Atos Origin, SUN, Logica and EDS.

  • Managed attendance at Key European events and all marketing strategies.

Managing Partner (2004-08)

Company name:

  • Marketed and  achieved significant business growth for software and services coming into Europe.

  • Offered structured lead and prospect management.

  • Advised international software companies from India, US on increasing growth in Europe.

  • Exploited a German top 1000 enterprise database of IT decision makers after focusing on the challenging German IT enterprise market.

  • Presented and ran seminars in more than 250 top 500 businesses and 250 large enterprises in Europe.


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