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It's a sales thing! In sales, it is not the features that are bought , it is the benefits of the product offered. In job searching, the same applies. You may be the best teacher around, but this is not the only reason why will be hired. It is because the skills you possess (features) make a contribution (benefit), you achieve things for your school or college. The "benefits" you deliver are the reason you are employed. When thinking about your teaching achievements whilst writing your CV, you should ask yourself the question '"who benefited from my work and how'?" You CV can become "benefit laden". This will also help you at interviews.


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A professionally written teaching CV. You can complete my CV questionnaire or email me your existing CV for free advice.

CV (first page teaching CV example)
Name, Address, Contact Details:

Over 30 years experience and up-to-date on government policies/guidance and managing a wide range of developments. Fully aware of the central principles, judging the quality of standards of schools and alternative provision, assessing and evaluating effectiveness, levels of performance and school improvements. Having recently turned around two Pupil Referral Units. Now looking to continue making a significant contribution as a Consultant, working with LEAs/schools/PRUs, developing inclusion practices and/or managing change to meet the current education agenda of “Every Child Matters”.

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Alternative Provision

  • Property Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Curriculum Development

  • Leadership and Staff Training

  • Disciplinary Procedures

  • Cost Plans / Budgeting

  • Recruitment

  • Service Development

  • Pastoral Care

  • Presentations

  • Writing Reports

  • Quality Assurance

Education and Professional Development

  M.A.                               Education (2002)

  Advanced Diploma      Education (1992)

  BA                            Education (1980)

  Various Courses              Patient Handling, Health & Safety, Awareness Training.

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

HEAD TEACHER  (2006 - Present)

School's Details Referral Unit):

  • Providing education for over 100 students who have been permanently excluded from mainstream school; at risk of exclusion (timed intervention), or who are medically unable to attend their mainstream school or arrive in Merton without a school place. Secondary Schools purchase places at the SMART Centre for either a 2 year accredited course in Year 10 and Year 11 or a 1 year GCSE course for Year 11 students.

  • Overseeing 12 Fulltime Teachers, 1 Instructor; 9 Support Staff, 3 admin staff, 1 Site Manager, 1 Child & Adolescent Mental Health Worker (CAHMS), 1 Flexi-learning Co-ordinator and 2 Tutors.

  • Turned around 2 Pupil Referral Units, taking the SMART Centre out of the category “notice to improve” within only one year.

  • Managed strategic change as Head Teacher in liaison with Local Authority, staff, students and their
    parents /carers, fulfilling the needs of the students and the wider community.

  • Designed the buildings, curriculum and the staffing structures.

  • Consolidated a building layout for 5 Pupil Referral Units, including an Additional Needs
    (Medical Group).

  • OFSTED PERFORMANCE: Working with the L.A. as a member of 2 steering groups: developed a Primary
    Provision for students with Statements of Educational Needs. In both headships turned 2 failing Pupil
    Referral Units into successful provisions. Established both as “Centres of Good Practice”.

  • STUDENT PERFORMANCE: examination results at KS4, improved by 13 points making the average point
    score 119. KS3 SATs – students achieved their target grade in at least one core subject, 50% achieved or
    exceeded target grade in all core subjects, attendance of students from 63% in 2005 to 84.9% in 2008.


School's Address Brief Details :

  • Managed a Pupil Referral Service refocusing 76 students who were excluded with behaviour difficulties and preparing them to return to mainstream school, (Key Stage 2, 3, 4). Also responsible for 15 fulltime teachers and 13 support staff from mentors to office staff and 18 home tutors.

  • Reported to an LEA Officer who reports to the Director of Education. .

  • Established accredited courses for Key Stage 4 students as well as Home Tuition for those who are ill (sometimes terminally), school refusers, pregnant girls, school phobics and others.

  • Developed links with the community and referral systems. Identified and allocated alternative education provision. Led, developed and reviewed the LEAs policy on
    education other than at school. .

  • OFSTED: Met government regulations and OFSTED requirements (report available). Established curriculum, timetable, systems, budgets, pastoral care. Recruited and
    developed staff and managed their performance, set targets for students. Designed and oversaw buildings/refurbishments.