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"My CV examples speak for themselves - Mike Kelley Curriculum Vitae Writer, Advisor, Career and Life Coach".


This CV should be designed to open those doors of opportunity. The CV is not an application, personal file or biography. It is a concise advertisement of yourself that should communicate your value in the job market and create an interest an motivate the reader to call you in for an interview.

Whilst preparing a CV you always want to look towards the future and your job target(s), you should use the information from the past to demonstrate your contribution you can make to a potential employer. If your CV focuses too much on your past it will become static - leaving the employer with the job of routing around for relevance, skills, and possibilities etc. You can provide focus by customizing a CV, marketing and communicating specific information to each employer you want to reach.
There are a few types and formats of CVs. You should take the time to create the CV that works for you.

All your communications, whether a CV, covering letter, or an interview, you want to use the language that is concise and powerful.

My CV examples speak for themselves

My CV examples on my website speak for themselves. University degree, professional experience, qualifications and languages spoken etc., all stand out. It takes only a glance at the career history to identify impressive achievements, relevant experience of working overseas and of implementing computer systems for example with consistent career progression if necessary.

The presentation has ensured that the impact is not lost.

It is not everyone, though, who has such an impressive career. What do you do if your career to date is somewhat limited ? If the content is not there, presentation does help tremendously. As to can concentrating on your most marketable qualities, .targeting your search carefully; .using the telephone and letters rather than a CV.

A more positive contribution, however, can be made by consciously building a well presented CV.