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The Targeted Curriculum Vitae (CV).


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Build a Marketable Targeted CV.


The Marketable Curriculum Vitae (2)

The first thing you should do to build a more marketable targeted CV is to make sure that you are targeted and looking in the correct job direction.

It will be a good idea to separate your writing into short and medium term objectives. Take a couple of sheets of paper, keep in mind the kind of job you are looking for, then write down what you could do to give yourself the best chance of getting that job. For example, if you have been putting off taking exams, a determined approach to do them way could be a short-term objective. If you have no professional qualifications this could into the longer term section.

Many skill updates, fit comfortably into the short term. It need not take very long to become familiar with a new computer application or to get yourself up-to-date on any recent legislation which is relevant to the area you operate.

Write a Targeted CV

The targeted CV focuses on a clear, specific job target, listing appropriate capabilities and supporting accomplishments. Each job target requires a different CV.

You must be clear and specific about your job target, the particular title, or occupational field you want to pursue.

Capabilities and accomplishments must be stated briefly, each in one or two lines and be directly related to your job target.

Your list of capabilities should answer the question, "What can you do?" Your list accomplishments should answer the question, "What have you done?"

Experience and education are included, but not stressed; they support the image conveyed by the CV.

The CV should fit on one page with plenty of white space.

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