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Build a Marketable CV - Work Experience

Work Experience
Maybe the most important factor on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your work experience. Think about all the years you have been at work. How much time and effort you spent making a contribution to your employers, that all adds to the marketability of your CV.

Some people have a long history of changes and challenges. Many, when they think about it, realize that there were periods, when they were just doing the same thing respectively over the years. Think about your own last 5 years. Were they 5 years of CV added value, or just one year's tasks repeated 5 times over ?

Now, consider the last 12 months of your work experience. If you had written your CV once 12 months ago, then again now , how much more marketable have you have become?

Focusing your mind on these questions may have made you realize that you have been getting into a rut. Now is the time to do something about it. Do not waste time, just start adding to your marketability straight away. You can do this regardless of whether you are currently in work or not .