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Job Search - The Longer Term.


"By Mike Kelley CV Writer, Advisor, Career and Life Coach".


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Job Search - The Longer Term

Looking to the long term, those who really want to widen their experience should give consideration to management consultancy. A major practice once ran a recruitment advertisement which said, that if you want to pack 10 years experience into the next 5 years, have you thought about a period in management consultancy.

The broadest experience can be had within generalist practices which have not yet grown so large that consultants have become pigeon holed into specialist divisions. When attending interviews for consultancy positions do not only check on the range of work which you will be expected to undertake but also on the duration of assignments. If you get stuck on a single assignment for two or three years, your learning curve will start to look more like a horizontal line.

Those whose work, does not provide the opportunities they seek to fill their gaps they have identified in their experience should consider looking outside the field of paid jobs, such as professional societies, trade associations, voluntary organizations, sports clubs and other leisure groups. all can all offer openings for the proactive individual to acquire new skills and experience.

Finally, while your first thought should be to fill identified gaps, do keep an eye open for any chance that arises to gain additional experience which, though not on your immediate target list, could be useful.