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Business CV templates & Executive Biographies


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In some job hunting situations, a professionally written Executive Biography can be more effective and work better than the CV.  A well written biography (bio) is a powerful business and self-marketing tool if you intend to develop a consulting practice, market yourself as a service provider or for example applying for a vacancy on a board of directors or as a leader of a professional association. "The Bio" can also add credibility to any business proposal, requests for funding or solicitation for an investment. Biographies look different. Their value comes than that of a conventional CV.  Here's a link for further Bio Writing Information.


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A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is something that almost every working individual has had to create at least once in their lifetime whether it be for business of job hunting each situation needs a really good CV in order to win an interview or a meeting. Professional CV writing is not a job for any Tom, Dick or Harry. Obtaining assistance from professional CV writers, or from people who have had enough experience with CV writing, is always a better way. However, for those who have no other choice, here are some guidelines to writing a good CV:

1)   A CV cannot win you the job, but it can certainly win you a chance to meet the employer in person. ~
2)   A CV should always be combined with a cover letter that expresses your interest in applying for the job.
3) Choosing the correct CV writing format is a must. For management and senior, the CV need not have a section mentioning your hobbies and interests.
4)  Tailoring your CV for a particular position is very important. If you are applying for a business jobs, mentioning your knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences in other unrelated fields do you no good.
5)  Mentioning how you will be an asset to the organization will interest to the reader.

Hundreds of CVs land on a recruiter's desk every day and every variation seems the same. If you do not want your CV to look just like all other CVs, avoid creating a boring CV that is a long list of your qualities. Instead, put forth your qualities, strengths and abilities in a way that the recruiter can see the real worth of your qualities and how they can be used in the work environment to benefit the company. Avoid unnecessary information and put the most important information first. It might be that your first job provided more relevant experience for a particular position. Therefore, your first job should be mentioned first, followed by others as per their importance. Effective titles and short points in bullet form attract attention, as opposed to lengthy, elaborate sentences.

For times when you place your CV on the Internet, try using appropriate keywords that will help you be found by the kind of employers you are most interested in. If you have made several attempts to win an interview, without any luck, it is time for you to approach a professional CV writer and reap the rewards.