•  Force Protection - Boarding and Search Operations - Counter Piracy  •

Possessing 24 years Royal Naval experience, specializing in Above Water Warfare. As a CPO, planning, training and implementing effective non-lethal and lethal ship borne defensive measures. Currently with the Royal Navy of Oman as the Missile and Gunnery Instructor, providing subject matter expertise for ships undergoing Operational Sea Training. Accomplished in challenging operational environments in the Middle East, Caribbean and Adriatic and able assess operational capabilities across the broad Maritime Security spectrum, including Board & Search and Counter Piracy operations and provide training solutions to counter threats to commercial and military assets. Due to leave the RN in February 2015, and looking forward to making a continued significant contribution to Maritime Security in the Middle East.

Areas of Expertise
  • Ship Protection Measures
  • Helicopter Fast Roping
  • Small Arms Training
  • Board & Search Techniques
  • Pre-operational Planning
  • Communicative Skills (Arabic speaker)
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Close & Medium Range Gunnery
  • Counter Piracy
  • Training Design & Planning
  • Manpower Coordination
  • Live Firing Training
  • Recognition Training
  • Anti-Ship Missile Defence
  • Instruction
Maritime Security Experience