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An innovative, commercially astute, multi-lingual and  well networked Senior Director. Proven record of managing and developing sustainable, pharmaceutical production processes (packaging medicines, manufacturing chemicals, tablets, capsules and medical devices in the US, Europe and Far East). Adept in building business relationships and empowering formidable teams and giving people a sense of purpose that enable them to understand the essence of their role. Having modernized failing business and returned the highest quality to required SLAs without any reduction staff morale or retention. Now looking to return to an innovative global company within a Senior Manufacturing or Supply Chain appointment in an emerging market country, preferably Brazil.

Areas of Expertise
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Auditing / Inspections
  • Negotiations / Presentations
  • Improving KPIs
  • Utilities / HVAC
  • Project Management
  • IT Systems / SAP
  • Business Analysis & Modelling
  • Leadership / Staff Development
  • Validation / Qualification Techniques
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Modernization
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Assurance
Professional Development

Ingenénieur Civil Masters (Université de Liège) the most difficult University degree in Belgium, (1989-94).
Master Electrical Engineering, Quantum Mechanics
Other notable courses:
Commercial techniques, APICS Supply Chain Management, Negotiation skills, Coaching and Feedbacks, Effective Communication & Active listening, Global Leadership Program (Internal UCB program 3 weeks executive MBA in the US, Asia & EU).

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements
  • Responsible for leading the plastic department, manufacturing medical devices (600 workers) in order to supply quality PVC & PE bags and moulded parts to worldwide markets on time and at optimal costs.
  • Turned around this failing plant and met all challenges in terms of quality, service and cost by: bringing more discipline in the plant staff.
  • Solved the financial situation ($1 million profit improvement in 6 months).
  • Changed the manufacturing approach that made it more customer focused.
  • Resolved quality complaints by developing and implementing action plans.
  • Analyzed and reduced lead time by 30% that improved customer service.
  • Built a project portfolio worth $5 million for manufacturing improvements: that reduced the conversion loss by 25% and improves efficiencies and reduced downtime.
  • Minimized product wastage and reworked parts.

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