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  "Is your CV still not working? You can download modern, editable and targeted CVs and cover letter templates below. Using these CV templates to write your CV is an excellent way to help market yourself".




What is a CV template?  

What is a CV Template? CV Template  can be described as something that serves as a model for you to follow, or as a pre-formatted document that can be used as the basis each time a new document is created. In the case of a CV, there are certain set formats that an individual has to abide by in order to make the CV professional and acceptable to employers.


CV templates could written by professionals or simply downloaded from a website. You will make a wise choice by downloading from this website, the system will prompt you to save a range of templates. A CV template, is the best guide for people who are new to CV writing. Following a particular template is an easy process, but deciding which one to follow could give you a little bit of trouble. Let us first learn about available CV template options on the Internet:


1) Traditional CVs are written in a chronological CV format, beginning with one’s personal information such as name, address, contact details, date of birth, and marital status. This is followed by educational qualifications, complete work experience, memberships, publications, and finally, interests and hobbies. There are a lot of people who still follow this style, but the problem with this format is that certain sections, such as memberships and publications, seem unnecessary, while important aspects, such as skills and achievements, are often neglected. Employers may not care about an applicant’s interests or hobbies, so they might find it boring to read through an entire CV.


2) A newer approach to CV writing, focuses on being more expressive, is known as functional CV writing. However, the problem with this format is that it puts too much emphasis on career functions rather than real skills and achievements, while providing little opportunity to convey other important details.


3) The best and newest approach to CV writing is a combination of the old and the new, where the applicant briefly describes all relevant factors. This includes skills, achievements, and how they could be utilized to achieve the company’s goals. It also includes a summary of the applicant's education, training, knowledge, relevant work experience, and other personal details necessary for the position and career functions if necessary.


Although the combined (Universal) CV format is the best one to follow, there are times when a company demands use of a particular style. Deciding which structure to follow thus depends on the specific purpose and circumstances at the time of the CV writing. Your CV is a medium that markets you to an employer, so if you feel lost at any point, asking for guidance from professionals or experienced friends will only do you good. It will be far easier to write a CV using the modern Universal CV templates available above: Simply use one template or more as a guide to write your own.

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Use a CV Template to easily write your own perfect CV.

The cost of writing a poor CV can be significant as you will not be able to compete in the job market as effectively as you deserve. You will never get that chance to make that vital first impression ! If you want to succeed in your career you will need a great CV. An excellent and inexpensive option to achieve this goal is to use a professionally written CV template and there are many samples to choose from.

You can download the best CV templates by occupation: By following the links on the above table. You will be able to find, sample, download and write your own CV by using fully worded and editable Microsoft Word CV templates.

Which CV template should you use? There are many types of CV formats so you may be confused about which CV template to use. Here's the good news, you can present your profile, skills, qualifications and work experience on a Universal CV template. There used to 4 different CV formats: the Chronological CV, the Performance CV, the Functional CV, the Targeted CV. The Universal CV template provides minor variations, but they are chronological and targeted that can also define career functions if necessary.

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