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I come across graduates all the time who wish they had help writing their CV before they submitted it to all those important jobs. 


Conducting a job search is like marketing and selling a product:
with you as the product. This suggests that the best way to market yourself is to go through the sales sequence.


The most important part of a CV for a school leaver or graduate is usually the academic achievements. However, the points below will influence your success on obtaining an interview.

CV Presentation

Pay attention to the presentation of your CV. Have a look at an example of a Graduate CV. You will need to write an attractive, targeted CV with evidence of particular interest(s) in the position you are applying for. For example, subject choices, project work, a relevant thesis, interests or hobbies.

Avoid jargon, abbreviations and acronyms unless they are very widely used. Use the "third person" 'I's are assumed, for example use 'Captained the school football team' rather than 'I captained on the school football team'.

Enhance CV readability by using bullet points, they are easier to read and have more impact than large paragraphs of text.
You should demonstrate a practical application of what you have studied, such as any project work or work experience preferably with an employer.

Computer skills on your CV: List any computer applications that you have used, state your familiarity and mention any programming experience that you may have gained.

Start with career statement in your CV with your most recent experience and work backwards. Part time or temporary work experience. If you have had to work your way through college then it demonstrates a level of determination and application If you have held a position for some time it illustrates that you are easily managed, retained and willing to work hard.

Sporting achievements illustrate a competitive nature with good social and team working skills.

As a recent graduate / school /college leaver, include the results of each subject that you have taken. Do not, however, include the results of exams that you have failed.

Sell yourself, tell the truth and avoid exaggeration.

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Job seekers draft a CV because it plays a very significant role in obtaining a promising job. A CV that is written effectively catches the attention of employers and helps job seekers obtain that dream job.
However, it is not easy to create an impressive CV. Much attention is required when drafting one, as it is the first document (along with a cover letter) that reaches the employer and the basis on which most recruitment decisions are made.

Creating an appealing and fascinating CV is hard work. Using a CV template will create an affective presentation. It will create a pleasant and targeted effect on the reader because it is carefully written by a professional CV writer.

The first thing to consider is the layout or format of the CV; it should contains all vital information, such as academic qualifications, experience, achievements, projects, and skills that are valued by the employer. Basically, it should present the applicant as the best candidate for the job. CV templates help greatly in this regard. When creating a CV, professionals consider only relevant and beneficial information about an applicant; positive aspects are highlighted, while negative points are removed.

It is advisable to get help from professional templates in order to create an effective CV. There are many websites that offer CV templates. Job seekers can download appropriate templates to give their CVs a professional appearance. A job applicant can add personal information to give the CV a custom touch. It is highly advisable to keep your CV up-to-date. A professional CV template is strongly recommended, as CV writing demands great skill and years of experience.

Mike Kelley is an expert CV writer, with unrivalled experience in writing a wide variety of CVs and job searching for all types of jobs. For professional CV writing help, CV templates, or examples.

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