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I come across people all time who wished they completed that job application form properly. You can have a major impact when your application form in expertly written. Make use of all the help and support that is available to you including your professionally written CV ".



Help with Job Applications: Research the company you are applying to, to help you focus your answers and meet the company's needs. Make a copy of the application form to practice on.  Read through the form carefully making sure you understand all the instructions and questions. Draft your answers in rough first. Check spelling etc., and get a friend to double-check it. Then complete the original form neatly in black ink. Make a copy of your completed application before submitting in time for the closing date.


Using the CV to write your Job Application

The Career Statement:  Job applications are mostly used by "Equal Opportunity" employers, agencies and recruiters to source information about candidates' qualifications and experience etc. They will screen out applicants based on various factors in the application process. A lot of thought and research needs to be undertaken into answering those open questions on you job applications. You can use a personal profile of career statement from your CV to help to start communicating your experience and value in the job market.

* to increase your company profits / revenues
* to demonstrate you are a high performer
* to satisfy your customer / clients
* to improve quality or service to reduce costs
* to increase quality
* that you are proud of
* to increase efficiency

* trained/supervised others
* received awards/decorations
* instituted new procedures
* reduced inventory levels
* identified problems
* installed new systems
* increased safety
* decreased scrap
* reduced absenteeism
* What were the results?
* What did this mean?
* What could the company do now?
* So what?
* For what?
* By how much?
* How many?
* Which ones?
* Why were you chosen?

Employers are far more interested in what you can do for them, than in what skills or abilities you have as an individual. The interviewer will try to establish what  benefits you might bring to the organisation and where those benefits outweigh those of other candidates.

Your CV should be presented as a benefits package to the your prospective employer, a useful tip before the interview is to practice putting together useful phrases starting with:-

* Which means that
* Which resulted in
* So that
* The benefit was
* We gained because
* The advantage was


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Positive Action Verbs

Accelerated Decreased Formulated Obtained Replaced
Achieved Defined Fulfilled Operated Reported
Acquired Demonstrated Generated Optimized Represented
Adapted Designed Guided Organised Researched
Addressed Developed Handled Originated Revamped
Administered Directed Identified Participated Revised
Advised Documented Implemented Performed Saved
Affected Edited Improved Persuaded Selected
Analysed Eliminated Improvised Pioneered Served
Appraised Employed Increased Planned Settled
Approved Enforced Incurred Prepared Simplified
Arranged Engineered Initiated Presented Sold
Assembled Enhanced Inspired Processed Solved
Assessed Enlarged Instituted Procured Standardized
Assumed Ensured Instructed Produced Started
Audited Established Interpreted Programmed Strengthened
Broadened Estimated Interviewed Proposed Studied
Budgeted Evaluated Introduced Proved  Summarized
Built Exceeded Investigated Provided  Supervised
Coordinated Executed Launched Published Supplied
Changed Exercised Led Purchased Supported
Collaborated Exhibited Located Recommended Surpassed
Communicated Expanded Maintained Recorded Surveyed
Conceived Expedited Managed Recruited Systemised
Concluded Experienced Marketed Redesigned Terminated
Constructed Exposed Maximized Reduced Tested
Contributed Extracted Minimized Refined Trained
Controlled Facilitated Motivated Regulated Upgraded
Converted Forecasted Negotiated Repaired Wrote
Sales Executive, Sales Management, Retail, Marketing, Directorship.
Project Management, Technical, Finance, Production  Business etc.
Download Medical CV templates: Doctors, Carers, Midwifes, Community,
Primary Care, etc.
Primary, secondary school teachers, college and university, tutors, trainers and professors etc.
IT Consultancy, Cisco, Software, Database, Web Design, IT Systems Support.

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