Job Searching when Sick or Injured

Finding work on the sick from writing your Curriculum Vitae to finding employment.

I come across injured or disabled people all the time who need help with their rights on disabilities, finding work and medical supplies and need advice on their benefit entitlement.


On this page you will find help and advice on how to find a rewarding job, but getting the job of your choice is difficult when sick or injured. When world economies suffer a downturn, employers are inundated with the CVs and job applications from many experienced, talented and fit candidates. Nevertheless, it is still possible to obtain a dream job. With the right approach, success can be found. Finding a dream job can be difficult if you are not following the right approach. 

Calculate CSA Payments

Calculate how much CSA is likely to be due to be received or paid. There are a number of exceptions to the child support agency rules.

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The Department Of Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for a range of benefits and services for those who are sick or have a disability. The Disability and Carers Directorate (DCD) supports disabled people and their carers, whether or not they are able to work. The directorate is responsible for providing an efficient, reliable and considerate system of Disability Benefits, and for all disability civil rights issues. You can get free help and advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau

Sales Executive, Sales Management, Retail, Marketing, Directorship.
Project Management, Technical, Finance, Production  Business etc.
Download Medical CV templates: Doctors, Carers, Midwifes, Community,
Primary Care, etc.
Primary, secondary school teachers, college and university, tutors, trainers and professors etc.
IT Consultancy, Cisco, Software, Database, Web Design, IT Systems Support.

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How to Find Jobs


Expert article and CV writer  Mike Kelley

Everyone wants a rewarding job, but getting the job of your choice is difficult when injured or sick. When world economies suffer a downturn, employers are showered with the CVs of many experienced and talented candidates. Nevertheless, it is still possible to obtain a dream job. With the right approach, success can be found anywhere in the world. Finding a dream job can be quite daunting if you are not following the right approach. Here are a few tips that can help you find a dream job:

Study Yourself

Assess and test your skills to understand the type of jobs for which you are suitable. Be honest about your areas of interest and your capabilities. This will focus your job hunt on areas of interest and suitability.

Job Centre Services

You should always claim job centre benefits if you are eligible. This helps cover any travel expenses incurred when going for interviews and meeting with agencies. Job centres also have plans for those who are not UK citizens, so be sure to avail yourself of these if you fall in this category.

Recruitment Agencies

Register with recruitment agencies as soon as possible. These agencies are ready to help and have a list of available jobs matching your skills and aptitude. Recruitment agencies can also test your skills and provide guidance at various times during your job search.

Talk to People

Try asking acquaintances about job opportunities that meet your criteria. If you don't know anyone employed in your field of interest, it is a good idea to seek help on networking websites or chat rooms. Participants in these forums can provide lots of useful information.

Perfect CV

Your CV should be well organised and complete, so as to reflect your strengths. It is your introduction to the a potential employer and can make or break your chances of getting a job. Always keep your CV honest and up-to-date.

Online Websites and Newspapers

Keep an eye on daily newspapers and classifieds in your area. Also research online job sites, such as Top Jobs UK and Monster UK. Sign up with these websites and upload your CV..

Mike Kelley provides information on the Job Searching, CV Writing and affordable CV Templates.  If you have any questions regarding my CV (Curriculum Vitae) writing service, or need any help finding CV examples or CV templates, please email me




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