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I will have a significant input into your draft CV for discussion later.
Please answer the questions the best you can.

Personal Details

First name  Surname: 

This form has been created to enable you easily write the most important information for me to compile a professional CV. Please complete the best you can and make sure you use the submit button AT THE BOTTOM THIS PAGE when completed.

You can answer the questions in this form alone or to compliment an existing CV. Enter all information that you think may be relevant and skip the sections that you feel do not apply.
















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Profile / Career Statement: (Write a brief profile / synopsis of your experience)

To be objective about yourself can be difficult. Do not worry if your attempt sounds too self-centered, just tell me about yourself in your own words. Also note any special skills you have, such as languages, computer skills or any relevant transferable skills from outside interests;


Career Statement: (what's the purpose for a new CV? (promotion, career change?)

What is your career objective ?

"I will make your career statement brief and powerful, highlighting your employment 'trump cards' including relevant skills from previous jobs, which if left to be gleaned from your career history would not be given prominence in the context of any particular job target.

Your career statement will also help with those dangerous open questions that occur during interviews. The question - " Tell me about yourself" is a gift to your well prepared career statement".

Current Occupation / Job Title:

Desired Occupation, (Job Target details, future goals if any):

You can compliment this form with an existing CV (you can email, or post this to me).

Professional Experience (current or most recent job first):

Include who you report to and any managerial / admin / health and safety / re-locational activities.
Include how many people report to you and any
technical / welfare / supervisory / training / assessment activities.
Detail any specialist equipment used.
Who do you communicate with ? About what ?
Explain what / how you achieved something. (I will make these
your accomplishment statements).

Job title:






Start date:


End date:


Tell me about your job / remarks


Professional Experience  #2

Job title:






Start date: 


End date:


Tell me about your job / remarks

Professional Experience - #3


Job title:



Start date:

End date:

Tell me about your job / remarks

Early Career
(include details of your previous jobs, titles dates etc.)


Education if in progress state year of attainment and percentage completed).



Year Graduated:      

Further Education  

Year Graduated     

General Education

Any remarks:

Additional Training / Professional Development:
(give details of courses taken and of any certificates awarded, give expiry dates if applicable)


Awards (List any awards achievements).


Memberships (clubs, affiliations to organisations etc.)

Key Skills;(such as technical skills, computer literacy etc.)

"Most people take their key skills for granted. I will study your completed questionnaire and complete a full key skills analysis for you, including transferable skills towards your new job target".


Any other talents that you are proud of and wish to communicate to employers ?


(problems with previous job hunting, situations)

Additional Information:

Well done, you have taken a big step towards getting the job you deserve

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Do not worry if you have not answered all the questions or left something out. I can make any adjustments at the CV draft copy stage.

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SORRY, the click / submit button is presently not working ... please download this page, complete the form and then copy and paste into a Word document then .email it to me. Sincere thanks - Mike

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