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Mike Kelley your CV Writer, Please complate my online CV questionnaire.

I come across people all the time who wish they had their CV professionally written before they submitted it to all those important jobs.

Please take your time completing my CV questionnaire.

Your CV will look fantastic - Guaranteed!


Please spend time answering the questions the best you can. This questionnaire has been designed so you can easily get information to me. Answer the questions the best you can on this form alone or to compliment an existing CV. 


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My Online CV Questionnaire

Although working fine now, on rare occasions my online CV questionnaire (opens new window) does not deliver the information to me. I find this unacceptable. as all my customers are important to me and they take time completing my online questionnaire. I have therefore enabled you to download the questionnaire in various file formats so you can complete it from your desktop ... you can then email it to me as an attachment.

Simply download and extract the files, select the best file format for you to use and then email it to me as an attachment, alone or with an existing CV. Thereafter, on receipt, I can advise and quote accordingly.

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I have provided a personal and highly professional CV writing service since 1989 - experience is the most important consideration to consider when selecting a CV  writer. Your comfort level with your online CV writer can be developed by telephone or email correspondence.

Please view my CV templates and examples. You will then feel confident to choose me as your CV writer. No pressure, you need to be sure that your writer is going to work with you no matter what and that the writer will be open to suggestions, and see other CV writers examples.

Yes, I am an expert CV writer, but it is your CV. If someone dictates what you need without considering your needs or concerns, you will not feel comfortable using your CV.

Make sure that you develop a sense of personal attention, not empty promises. Even if a writer is busy (and most good services are busy for a reason - please see my schedule), you should have the assurance that your needs will be met and just as important as other clients.

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