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In spite of these fundamental changes to the way we work and the massive increase in corporate change and therefore redundancy, many people still feel ashamed about being made redundant. The greatest fear is that they are seen as having failed. “If I was any good they’d have kept me in some capacity” is often the way the thinking goes. Not so. Granted, some large employers have room to re-deploy some staff, but not all have the capabilities required for the new roles. Where mergers have taken place and there are two candidates for one position it is often politics rather than talent that dictates who will be offered the new job or else it comes down to which personality is most likely to fit the new organization. Again, this is no reflection on the quality of the individual who loses out. For the vast majority, however, redundancy is part of a cost cutting exercise in which roles and functions are considered to be an unnecessary burden on the organization and are therefore removed.

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It’s true that some employers may have concerns and doubts about taking on people who have been made redundant, but these people are rare and above all, an apologetic response to questioning around the issue is only likely to reinforce whatever prejudice may be present.

Be prepared to answer the question “Why did you leave your last job?” Be up front and truthful about it. What were the reasons for redundancy? If it was corporate change or cost cutting, tell them that the organization underwent a change programmed and give the reason. Explain that as part of the programmed a number of positions were identified as no longer being required including your own, and that redundancy was offered. If you lost your position after a merger, you can talk about how you were considered less suited to the new culture compared with your rival for the position. You might be asked to expand upon this so do prepare for this possibility: How has the culture changed? How do your values and those of the organization differ?

Always be positive about your previous employer. Nobody wants to think that when you leave them there is a possibility that you might bad mouth their organization. Explain that while you might have been disappointed you understand and accept the situation. You might say that you consider the outcome to be right for both parties and that you see it as an opportunity. Whatever you decide to say, be truthful and don’t be ashamed – don’t stop looking the interviewer in the eye, and don’t go about it on too much! Treat the issue as if you have no problem with it and therefore you see no reason for why the other person should have a problem with it.

Remember, redundancy is just one of the ways that people leave organizations. Too many highly talented people leave by this route for anyone to consider that it is only the weak that are made redundant is simply is not the case.

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The Job Search Situation

There is wealth of advice regurgitated advice online regarding job searching and redundancy counselling, and I do not want to repeat the same old rhetoric here. From my experience, in in brief, I highly recommend,  getting your CV, and - or your Executive Biography, and cover letter template professionally compiled. This is proven to be a worthwhile self-counselling exercise in itself, you can use it and a catalyst for positive change. It is a time of self-discovery and maybe refocusing your career direction and your needs.

You can also save hundreds of pounds simply by researching and downloading a number of excellent books on Job Search Strategies from the internet. I highly recommend:

Job searching by Tom Jackson Perfect Job Search Strategies by Tom Jackson

The Perfect Job Search by Max Eggert

and How parachute by

They should also be available at your local bookshop.

Please note, that I DO NOT affiliate with these authors (there is no tracking code in the links  and I do not take any commission payments) they are genuine recommendations.

For a professional CV and cover letter writing service simply email me your existing CV and / or complete my online CV Questionnaire. I will reply with my free advice and a quote.

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