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"By Mike Kelley CV Writer, Advisor, Career and Life Coach".


The Best CV (Curriculum Vitae) Layout

You have to keep in mind that your CV layout's very important as well as the  content, targeting and overall presentation. You maybe the perfect job candidate, but if your CV has been written poorly then most employers may always find it difficult to read your relevant skills and experience on your CV.

You have to be sure that your CV should never be graphically designed as this can come across as to gimmicky and difficult to read. The simpler the CV layout, the more impact it can create on the readers/ employers.

CV Font
An effective CV font I like to use is Trebuchet - any a standard font like Times Roman or even Verdana is acceptable. Always keep in mind however, that your CV font should always be easy to read. The size of the text certainly can vary and may usually depends on the type of font you choose for your CV sample. You can also try making use of size 10 or 12 as any thing much smaller may cause strain on the readers' eyes. Including a larger font may look to "crude".

The Title or the Sub-headings of your CV need be bolder as compared to the remaining text as this can detract from the important  content - I recommend just underlining titles and sub-headings.  

CV Length
One of the General, Golden Rules of good CV writing is that your CV should not be more than 2 pages. Never make it too lengthy so that your employer may never read it. There are also a number of  employers who may always request you to present a single page CV. Please see the various CV Templates provide on this website.

You have to ensure that when writing your CV  it does communicate all useful information that your employer will be looking for. As most of the companies certainly may get a high number of CVs for a single job vacancy , so make it concise and targeted, enabling your potential employer to read it easily.

Always keep in mind that your format and style certainly needs to be very consistent so in case you are making use of tabs you have to be sure that you do maintain the right positioning throughout the entire CV writing.

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