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I frequently meet people who wished they work at home. Working from home and teleworking enables you to be flexible and find a good work and life balance.  Spend more time with your family and have more control over your work, home and life.


Are you losing the family work-life balance?
The revolution in information technology has really made the "work at home dream" a reality. Make money with a real WAH job opportunity. Having a CV (Curriculum Vitae) targeted towards your "work at home" job search is a sure way of positioning yourself ahead of the job search competition.

Working at Home

The revolution in information technology has at last made the "work at home dream" a reality. Teleworking is a realistic choice for you if you want to save time, and spend more of it with your family and have more control over your work, home and life balance.

Is Teleworking or working from home right for you?
Are you fed up with long commutes in rush hour traffic, If so, maybe you are considering joining the ever increasing number of people that work at home. Teleworking has become popular, it provides people with much more flexibility than conventional jobs. Parents can work at home, when a child is ill, you can be at tele-work at home, when children return from school, and can be available for many, games and events that many parents are forced to miss.

Preparing for a Work at Home job search:
It takes much longer to secure a teleworking position than a traditional job. It takes the average person looking for teleworking jobs a good year before they find a position that suits their needs and that's typical in a good economy. Having a CV (Curriculum Vitae) targeted towards your "work at home" job search is a sure way of positioning yourself ahead of the competition.

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Tips for a Successful, Work at Home Job Search

1. Make sure that you provide all of the documents that your teleworking job advertisement calls for. Provide your CV / resume and cover letter and make sure that you adhere to all submission instructions. Use mail, fax, email, or telephone calls only when requested.

2. Have a CV or resume ready to be sent in a MS Word format. Employers receive and scan CVs in this format.

3. If you have many skills in various fields, be careful not list them all on one CV. It could make you look like a "jack of all trades" and master of none.

4. Write a teleworking career objective statement. This will compel your prospective employer to continue reading. If it does not match what they are looking for, or it is so vague and they do not know what you are looking for, your CV will probably end up in the bin.

5. Write your CV to highlight any equipment, software, or services that you currently have that make you "work at home ready".

6. If you are seeking local teleworking jobs  and are receptive to part-time jobs, list this on your CV. Many companies may jump at the chance to give it a try on a part-time basis.

7. If you already work at home and can show how your company has benefited from your experience, write it in your CV.

8. Localize your job search. Many job searchers overlook their own towns and instead focus on the internet for new jobs and opportunities. Local business owners may also be more open to local teleworkers because they can interview you in person, and maybe train you locally.

9. Word of mouth. Let everyone you know that you are looking for a work at home - teleworking job.

10. Approach your current employer. Most teleworking jobs come about as a result of asking present employers. This will reduce overheads, and accommodate employees who needs a more flexible schedule. 


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