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M Kelley, T/A First Impressions, is a CV, Cover Letter writing and Linkedin optimization service, established in 1989 with this website online since 2003.


Terms and Conditions

This business was established in 1989 (T/A First Impressions) so I have one of the best and well-known CV writing services online and offline today. I pride myself on providing professional CV writing to a very highest standard and my CV writing process is individually tailored my clients’ individual needs. Your use of cv-service.org and First Impressions is subject to the following and any subsequent terms and conditions, which you are deemed to accept when you use this website and my service:


By definition the term 'CV' is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae - a synopsis or story of one's life and any reference to the term 'CV' throughout this website or in any other communication is defined as the 'Final CV'. Any draft CV is deemed a completed and final CV.

All CVs (excluding the CV tidy service) will be written to completion satisfaction i.e. until the client wishes to go ahead with maybe another CV format, or other services such as Linkedin profile compilation. If I cannot complete to the client's CV (i.e. through illness or other commitments), an arbitrary non-negotiable refund will be made.  The client agrees that any acceptance of any other "CV Pack" files delivered by email, such as the template cover letter is an acknowledgement of satisfactory completion of the CV.  Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client.  Any additional writing services offered, such as an Executive Biography are only draft copies and not proofread. Linkedin profile compilation is a free service (as part of the writing CV service) and no refunds are made for this service.

I do not agree to any deadlines, 2-7 days mentioned on my home page is a guideline only.

As completed 'final CVs' are editable after full-service provision, it is thereafter, the responsibility of the customer to make any changes to any documents to their own continued satisfaction if necessary. I reserve the right not to make any further adjustments to documents after full-service provision.  I agree to make any changes to CV draft copies for a reasonable time. The customer agrees that all CV draft copies including those that are compiled under the "CV tidy" service are accepted for consultation and adjustments with the aim of meeting the satisfaction level offered. The customer cannot express unreasonable, total or near total dissatisfaction at the draft copy stage. The customer agrees that the final CV version  is also concluded after a reasonable amount of drafts have been delivered, (although I do work with those that need specific help at no extra cost).  Any other associated service i.e. help with a free LinkedIn Profile or  a publication of a CV online can only be delivered after customers have agreed that the final CV drafted is to their complete satisfaction. Any other agreed free services are not associated with any other service paid for and are not guaranteed. 

Any CVs published on www.cv-service .org can be cached by the Search Engines if required. This means that customers nominating to use this service understand that their CV information will be ranked, listed and made visible by third parties searching for information online. 

A full payment is usually required at the time of placing an order. Payment for the CV writing service is for all the first draft only. However, I agree to  compile / edit further drafts up to the final CV and any additional services ordered.

Cancellation Policy & Refunds
You can cancel writing services at any time up to the first draft copy stage and a non-negotiable refund can be made. No refund will be available if the customer breaks any part of an agreement, including verbal agreements. Online CVs can be removed at any time for any reason by either party. Any part refund offered is classed as 'provisionally agreed' to compensate any work deemed incomplete or to compensate the customer for any significant time that needs to be taken to support the delivery of the full quality CV writing service. Any offer can be retracted if the refund amount is subsequently not considered proportionate to any further work that needs to be carried out. In this instance, the customer will be referred to these terms and conditions.

Intellectual Copyright, Property and Privacy
www.cv-service.org links to other websites. We are not responsible for their content or services and these links do not imply any endorsement of the service provided.

Historically, The Company T/A First Impressions has included links within the content of CVs published online as examples and for customers' 'Online CVs' for marketing and SEO purposes (service no longer provided) which have been downloaded and used by others and used by customers as their main CV. The Company retains the right of CV content ownership of all CVs compiled. The client has the right to edit their own documents and reproduce additional copies and to use their documents our templates but not any online examples. The Company, retains intellectual property ownership of all content (except personal information), documentation, layout and formats  produced and displayed. All written materials design, layout and content for CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters and the Website have intellectual property rights. First Impressions retains exclusive ownership of all materials. You agree that First Impressions may modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information written from the provision of our writing services. The full extent of the law will be enforced against any person or organisation found reselling the same or similar design, formats or layouts that are found or downloaded from this website.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and identity. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act).

Liability and Indemnity
First Impressions accepts no liability or responsibility for any misrepresentation or legal proceedings caused by the use of the website, services provided, or any content submitted, posted or transmitted online or offline. You agree to indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all cost, expenses, claims, losses, liabilities (including legal costs) howsoever suffered or incurred by First Impressions.

Changes to terms and conditions and invalidity
We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions. You will be deemed to accept any amended terms and conditions when you next use this site following any amendment(s).

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


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Project Management, Technical, Finance, Production  Business etc.
Download Medical CV templates: Doctors, Carers, Midwifes, Community,
Primary Care, etc.
Primary, secondary school teachers, college and university, tutors, trainers and professors etc.

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I assure you the highest quality CV writing service.


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