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"Research the best resume services. Whether you want to choose the best resume service website to write your own resume or find, resume writing advice from writers, resume formats, free samples or resume submission services,  you can do it all from here. I am also presently compiling the best resume services by local writers (US states).

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Resume Writing Help
There are so many resume writers around, it is difficult to choose an expert resume writer.
My Resume Examples
Many people write resumes and call themselves resume writing experts.
A reasonable fee for a professional resume service is between $150 - $400
Working abroad
It is difficult to confirm resume writing experience, do not rely on what it says on the website, speak to the resume writer.
Resume help
Professional resume writing. Perfect resumes in 48 hours.  Free samples.
Gilbert Resumes
A resume and career service practice directed by one of the country's premier certified resume writers.
A and A Resume
Inexpensive resume service by professionals with 50+ years of cover letter and resume writing expertise. FREE resume critique.
(Hong Kong) - Career Resources. Free job interviews, resume, cover letter writing and career advice.
Free resume - Publish your resume online and have your own web page. Offering resume writing tips and examples.
CV Templates

Make the Right Choice in your Search
for Expert Resume Services

Resume services and what they should be

Resume services should be designed not only to get you those elusive interviews, but to identify and give you the confidence to expand upon your keys skills and, of course, communicate the value that you can bring to that job you so rightly deserve !

You can easily find resume services here with links and services with FREE tips, information and help on writing resumes and cover letters.

Whether you need to write a resume yourself, find a resume example, a resume distribution service or just some specific resume information, you will find it here, and of course, I can create your perfect resume and cover letter for you. Mike Kelley at First Impressions


Many Resume Services (writers)
Claim to Offer Outstanding Services without Proof.

You should contact these resume services to request a sample. Do not be put off by being told that “each client is different, and a resume sample will not help.” An expert resume service or writer should have nothing to hide. If you do see resume services offering samples, make sure you can read them i.e. not small graphics.  Additionally they should look impressive, the content must be concise and compelling. Not seeing a resume samples a sign that this service merely “types up" resumes rather than actually writing effective self-marketing documents.

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The resume service website should be one that offers you valuable information, such as resume writing advice, showing resume samples, with clear pricing and service explanations.

There are many freelance resume writers. They market their themselves to other resume services and work for a number of resume services. 


Personalized Resume Services

This is probably the most important aspect to factor in along with the above is your comfort level with your expert resume writer that is developed either by phone or email correspondence. You need to feel not pressured but confident that your writer is going to work with you and be open to suggestions. Yes, they are the expert, but it is your resume. If someone dictates what you need without considering your concerns, you will never feel comfortable using your resume. Gain a sense of personalized attention, not empty promises. Even if a writer is busy (and most good services are busy for a reason), you should have a feeling of assurance that your needs will be just as important as other clients.


Local Resume Services (USA) 

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Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Connecticut Maine New York  1  2 Vermont
Delaware Maryland North Carolina Virginia
D. Columbia Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
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