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Are you looking for a new job? Are you just out of school or college and looking for you first job or are you looking for a better job or promotion? Remember the most important part of your job search is your CV.

Administration Office Manager CV

Admin Officer CV

Recruitment Administration

The CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume will be the first thing a potential employer will have to look at concerning your employment, skills and aspirations. Employers and recruiters receive hundreds of CV applications and many are thrown in the bin for various reasons, therefore, in order to write an effective CV that will not be thrown out you need to learn CV writing basics.
In order to get to that all-important interview, your CV must get the attention it deserves. You will probably be one among many job applicants and your CV must be outstanding if you wish to have a chance to shine before and during your interview. Of course, your CV will not be the only factor that will get you the job, but if your CV is dismissed before you can get the chance to talk about yourself, you will never know if you could have obtained the job. Your Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and is designed in order for you to make it to the next step in the employment process.

Buyer's CV

Pricing Manager's CV

Downlad Rope Access CV


No matter what job you are applying for, and there will be many others applying for the same job. In today's job market, many people are in the same situation with job layoffs, bankruptcies, downsizing and the closure of companies, the competition can be fierce. This is the main reason; your CV has to make the best first impression. When your CV reaches the next level of the recruitment process, there was something written in it that made the employer or recruiter believe you were a good candidate for the job position. All you have to do is expand on your skills, and communicate your worth at the interview and you will achieve success.

Here's a quick list of what needs to be included in your CV
1. Career Statement - a brief profile of your experience and your career aspirations.
2. Areas of Expertise - provide a skills index on the first page of your CV for those with work experience.
3. Education - possibly your school / college or university name, dates, and qualifications received.
4. Employment - name of company, address, dates, level of responsibilities and achievements.
5. Personal Details.

Health and Safety CV

Construction Management CV

CV International Construction Manager
Once you have the information, write an outline. This will help you get your thoughts together. In order to land a job with a specific company, you should research as much as you can about the company so you can target your covering letter toward the job criteria goals and their goals. In your covering letter, reword you CV's career statement / profile in the first person. Write how your relevant skills, qualities and qualifications would best bring benefits to the employer.

Engineer CV Engineering CV 2


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Find out exactly how to write a CV or covering letter .


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The Importance of Writing Teaching CVs and using Examples


If you are looking for a new teaching job, then probably you understand the importance of the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Writing a CV, is the first and the most important thing that you need to pay attention to before you start searching for a new teaching job or develop your teaching career. You should approach potential employers and agencies with an effective CV, telling them why they should hire you and how you will be beneficial to their school, college or university. Your CV should be designed with the latest contemporary format, to give the reader a really good idea about your potential and how you can prove to be a communicative and valued member of their teaching staff. Your CV therefore, has to be written in an appropriate format and in a professional manner.


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Writing your perfect CV is a difficult task, especially if you lack the experience in this area. Therefore, it becomes vitally important to take some kind of professional help, or to use the CV examples provided below to assist you in your CV writing task. My CV examples / templates are formatted using the latest recognised, contemporary design that will give you an exact idea of how your CV should be presented, written and what should be included. You can easily download and use the editable CV examples provided to write your own CV.


Diesel Steam Engineer CV

Plumber Gas Engineer CV


Beware of other CV formats available on the web, they are probably outdated and ineffective. You may want to bookmark this page or save it to your desktop, then do some research to confirm this fact and I'll see you later. My examples will inform you exactly, how your CV should be presented what information should be included in order to make an attractive targeted, and communicative CV presentation.


The CVs below will match the teaching jobs for which you are applying. After you download and use these CVs you will effectively market yourself, and optimise your job search and develop your career.


For a professionally written CV, you can also also complete my CV questionnaire or email me your existing Curriculum Vitae for free advice. I assure you the highest quality CV writing service. Mike Kelley.


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CV Writing Tips

How to Find a Good CV Writer.

The value of the CV is now acknowledged. What you now have to do is write a excellent really good CV. The perfect CV can pay great benefits for your career and quality of life. These benefits also make good CV writer a sought person. However, not all CV writing services are all that good, so how do you decide a top CV writing service? As the quality of your CV will determine your future career direction; hiring any CV writer will just not do. Only an highly experienced CV writing expert can meet your career dreams.

Researching the best CV Writer

Finding the best CV writing service / writer can be an overwhelming task. To get that perfect CV, only a professional CV writer with many years of experience will be able to create the desired impact on your CV. Here are a few notes to help you find that professional CV writing service: 


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1. The highest priced CV service is not necessarily the best; and the cheapest service may be appealing to pick the fast turnover – typing services. It is important to remember that it not the cost but the quality of your CV that really matters. What is the use of that unprofessionally written CV if, it is not able to impress your prospective employer. Getting the most expensive CV writing service does not t guarantee quality.


Financial Accountant CV

Financial Control Systems CV


2. Ask for proof from your CV writer: This is a must, if your want an impressive CV to be written. An experienced CV writer will have many CV examples to show as a proof of expertise. Proof of their her CVs and layouts.


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3. A personalized service and developed relationships is important ask your writer if he / she will be paying personal attention to you and ask if they understand he /s he understands your strengths, weak points, and needs.


Considering these tips should guide you in finding an expert CV writer.



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Are you looking for a new job or career? Have you just graduated and looking for your first job or are you looking for the next stage in your career or promotion? Remember the most important part of a job search is the CV.


Graduate Seismic Geo-Science CV

Law Graduate's  CV


You can simply follow these short FREE Video Clips compiled by Mike Kelley from First Impressions. You will find out how to write a CV you can also purchase the full DVD.


The free video clips cover how to download CV Templates (an MS Word Template) and work on it this to create a really good CV for your job search. It will explain how to write a CV Profile or Career Statement - and how to motivate the potential employer to keep reading your CV.


Mike advises that you should avoid common buzz words or phrases such as “enthusiastic”, “ reliable“, or phrases such as “communicative at all levels” , "You can briefly communicate your skills and experience without being Over the Top" he says.


He further explains how you can make the wording mutually beneficial and how to write a closing statement to target your preferred job, job area and geographic location.


In summary: Mike also covers how to write your contact details and how to protect your data, how to write down your key skills or areas of expertise , how to quantify your responsibilities and how to bullet point your achievements to communicate the benefits you can bring to all those potential employers. plus much, much more....


If you are not sure how to write a CV you will find this CV writing video invaluable. Download it today.



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