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"I come across people all the time who wish they researched and kept up-to-date with their rights in the workplace regarding their age . Most of those who did are still in employment or have received substantial compensation as well as achieving a high quality work-life balance".

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Nursing Jobs Website Wins Praise from those Who Count - The Nurse and employers who use it" by Neil Street. is an innovative career website for executive and administrative nurses, is winning plaudits from those who count the most – executive nurses seeking career choices and the employers and recruiters who are seeking them. By focusing on a very specific niche, nursing leaders, the website has achieved outstanding growth since its launch in 2003 and is attracting the attention of many in the healthcare industry – an industry rolling from a critical labor shortage.

Cheryl Hooper, president of Nursing Executives, knows her way around the healthcare industry. She has spent more than fifteen years in various healthcare-related capacities, including ten years in the field of medical staffing, and is an active member of several healthcare associations on a local and national level.

At a time of deep-seated labor shortages in the healthcare industry, Hooper’s background helped her to single out one segment of the industry – nursing executives – that was chronically under-served by existing career services. While many recruitment firms and career websites catered in some fashion to the broadest spectrum of nursing jobs, nobody was doing anything to help this specialized yet vital group - nursing leaders. Nursing leaders include executive, administrative, and middle management nurses – and they are a group that occupies one of the most crucial positions in the entire healthcare field.

Nursing executives in every sector of the healthcare field are highly sought after by employers and recruiters. Yet, as Hooper knew only too well from her daily interaction with executive nurses, they were largely overlooked in terms of employment and career resources aimed specifically at their needs, as were the recruiters and employers who are desperate to reach them. Hooper’s company and website, set out to fill this void with a unique and innovative solution: not only bringing together administrative level nurses and employers, but doing so in a way that offered a real service and value to both sides. The website offers an efficient, confidential, and effective procedure whereby nursing executives can showcase their expertise to potential employers. For employers and recruiters, the website offers a unique, carefully-screened pool of talent across a range of specializations under the “nursing leaders” umbrella. It’s a win-win situation. As a result, the website serves as a destination site for those seeking executive nursing positions and those with positions to fill.

The complimentary feedback from users of the site – applicants and employers alike – is testament to how Hooper has successfully leveraged her deep knowledge of the industry into a unique website and company. “First of its kind,” is the type of phrase seen more than once, along with comments like “different from the rest;” “original;” very helpful;” “thanks for this resource;” “user-friendly,” and “effective,” which all show up in the voluminous feedback that Nursing Executives . com has received to date. By focusing on the needs of both sides, and by creating a website and a service that seeks to comprehensively meet the needs of both employees and recruiters, Hooper has achieved an unusual measure of success in the troubled waters of healthcare employment. By focusing tightly on one problem, and offering a carefully-crafted solution, Nursing Executives . com has made an important contribution to the field of healthcare employment, and one that may well provide a blueprint for others to follow.

Cheryl A. Hooper, CPC, is president of Nursing Executives . com based in Farmington, CT. She can be reached at 1-800-230-0710, or via email Cheryl at Nursing Executives . com
About the Author: Neil Street is co-founder of Small Business Online, an internet marketing and web design company, based in Norwalk, CT. Email "Neil at smallbusinessonline . net" or call him at 203.299.0889.

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