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"I come across people all the time who wish they planned their overseas job search. Those who did are now living and working on cruise ships and working the travel job they deserve".


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Find advice on how to find job vacancies on cruise ships. Find the latest job vacancies and recruitment agencies. 

Singers, Dancers and Entertainers on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are employers of singers, dancers, musicians, DJ's and other entertainers. The kind music or show varies significantly depending on the company. As does the length of journey and the demographics of the passengers. Entertainers and musicians should be highly proficient, flexible and capable of learning new songs and routines quickly, and be willing to work long hours.

Employment on Cruise Lines

find employment on cruise lines. There are cruise ship job vacancies for nearly everyone. Just like a floating city, cruise ships need a wide variety of staff. Some highly skilled and others need no experience or training. Compared to other industries, cruise ships do have a high employee turnover rate so this job market (like your job) will always be buoyant and will constantly be hiring.

Major Cruise Lines

This cruise placement agency recruits staff on the major cruise lines. They bring qualified candidates and their clients together efficiently and effectively. They have developed solid relationships with their cruise line clients

Cunard Jobs

Click on their current job vacancies and career employment opportunities.

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